He orgasm it is not always the culmination of a satisfying sexual relationship. However, it is interesting that in general straight women they are the ones that achieve this the least during couple relationships. A separate case is masturbation. The problem seems to be in the relationship with the other person, and according to a recently published study, this is because, depending on the case, they don’t even put in the effort.

In fact, the conclusion of the psychologists who conducted this study is that many are so frustrated that in certain cases they make no effort reach orgasm. It is logical that the other person is also directly involved in achieving the goal. sexy climax. But if the recipient doesn’t show willingness or interest, things can get more complicated.

Why? they don’t show this layout? Logically, this is not because they do not want to achieve this level of pleasure, but because they refuse it. Of course, fortunately, this can be solved in such a simple way as communicating with a couple. Because the most important sexual organ is the brain, and the biggest trick to achieve orgasm is always communication. These are the two great truths on this subject.

Straight women and orgasm: an unattainable goal

According to a study published in 2018 straight men they are the population group most likely to say that they have orgasms in most of their sexual encounters. Actually they said it 95% of respondents. They were followedHomosexual men with 89%, bisexual men with 88% and lesbians with 86%. The last positions are lbisexual women with 66% and heterosexual women with 65%.

In addition, another study published in 2019 58.8% women respondents admitted simulated orgasm. Often this is a way of ending sexual contact, because it should be its goal.

This is the first mistake. Keep in mind that sexual relationships have a beginning, middle and end, and the last one should always be an orgasm. It only creates pressure that minimizes pleasure and in many cases results in artificial orgasm.

But while it’s not a mandatory completion, the numbers are staggering. Why are heterosexual women so different from heterosexual men? The key, according to a study published a month ago in Journal of Sexual Research, is in expectations.

Why try?

This study consisted of conducting an experiment in which some vignettes were shown with a series of sex scenes group of heterosexual women. There were many types, but in general two factors changed: the time of sexual contact and the selfishness of the couple.

When the women were asked how they would react if they were the main characters in a cartoon, two pieces of information caught the attention of the researchers. First, in those cases where it was known in advance that the sexual intercourse would be short, they showed less interest in orgasm. In contrast, when duration was not discussed or they were told they could take their time, they said they were more willing to try.

Another interesting fact was that, if the couple’s selfishness was clearly shown, they were also not interested in orgasm. So if a couple only thinks to your heart’s content or are you in a hurry, women do not consider it appropriate to relax and realize the achievement of orgasm. This awareness can lead to more communication with a partner or to the fact that a woman simply relaxes more. Both are two important factors in reaching a climax, so the results make sense.

noise in sex
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Don’t stop intercourse to reach orgasm

Every woman, like every man, has her preferences. Also, even apart from preference, you may find it easier to reach orgasm with manual or oral stimulation of the clitorisnot with simple penetration. But all these individual data must be discussed.

In fact, it was also observed in a 2018 study that those heterosexual women who had more orgasms tended to have longer relationships, more oral sex, and more communication with your partnerincluding communication during the relationship itself. For example, during the meeting, they said more sexual lines. They also tried more different positions and shared their sexual fantasies with another person.

In short, they had a mixed sexual relationship. This made them more relaxed and ready to reach orgasm. If not, maybe they end up faking it in order to end a meeting as soon as possible that doesn’t really satisfy them. The reasons seem clear, so now you know: next time, speaks.

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