A new wireless continuous monitoring wearable bioelectronic system has been developed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). to act as a kind of smart bandage. The device promises to make the treatment of chronic wounds easier and cheaper.

These skin lesions do not heal within the expected time and usually last more than four or six weeks. The causes are very diverse, from chronic diseases. – like diabetes – to blood circulation problems, old age and infections.

In an article published March 24 in the journal Science AdvancesThe scientists explain that while current treatments (negative pressure therapies, grafts, and skin substitutes) are positive, they require constant surgery. I didn’t mean it Microbial infections at the wound site can delay healing and cause necrosis, sepsis, and even death..

How are smart bandages made?

Rather than a traditional bandage that normally consists of layers of absorbent material, the smart bandage is more like a plaster cast as it is made of a flexible and elastic polymer that stays on the skin longer. and combination drugs that are released as needed via electronic monitoring.

The wearable responds in three different ways:

  1. Wirelessly transmit data collected from the wound to a nearby computer, tablet or smartphone for patient examination or analysis by a healthcare professional;
  2. Applying an antibiotic or other stored medicine directly to the wound site to treat inflammation and infection;
  3. Applying a low-level electric field to the wound to promote faster healing.

Shown as a proof of concept in small animals, now the expectation is to increase the stability of the device, for human testing, says Wei Gao, co-author and Professor of Medical Engineering at Caltech.

Source: Tec Mundo

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