The airplanes they have always been the most useful means of transportation in the world for moving people and goods. Unfortunately, however, there are fewer and fewer petroleum-based fuels. On the other hand, electric motors are not foreseen in the future. So the scholars went in search of a Alternative fuel.

Lawrence Berkeley Lab researchers found the solution, but thanks to an unusual method. In practice, they collected an unusual molecule carbon. It is produced by the metabolic process of special bacteria that populate the soil.

In chemistry, anything that needs energy to be produced will release energy when it is broken down in turn.

Pablo Cruz-Morales, microbiologist at DTU Biosustain and lead author of the study

Another theory from Jay Keasling, a chemical engineer at the University of California, involved the idea of ​​synthesizing a molecule. It had to have the power to produce energy equal to the energy needed to propel a jet fighter. The Keasling molecule is named after Jawsamycin, from the movie “The Jaws”. This is because it has the same shapes as the shark’s jaws. The molecule is made from the common named bacteria streptomyceteswhile they feed glucose. The author states:

A recipe that already exists in nature. As they eat sugar or amino acids, they break them down and convert them into building blocks for carbon bonds.

The fuel produced by the bacteria has the same function as the biodiesel. Once lit, it could have the power of a rocket in space. The team of researchers hopes to be able to give content to the new fuel and then allow it to be used by aircraft. There has already been talk about bacteria that can convert greenhouse gases into fuel and about batteries created by the supply of biological fuels.

Source: Lega Nerd

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