at a technology conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Press conference extraordinary as one of the highlights.

Instead of scientists or managers, AI for Good Global Summit Will have a series of interviews with humanoid robotswith all the questions asked by human journalists and answered by machines.

It is organized by the meeting. International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a UN body concerned with information and communication technologies.

summoned list

Some well-known names from the region will take part in the interview to be held on May 7th. A sophia robotfor example, it’s been in the news for a few years now, with its mix of weird looks and well-phrased responses.

There will also be robots beonmi, nadine, Twins, 4NE-1, Ai-Da Robot, grace, Desdemona This America.

Whether you’re a pioneer in an industry or a specific feature, they’ve all already stood out for a reason.

Ai-Da is an "ultra-realistic" robot that draws pictures.

besides them 40 more special robots in some functions They will demonstrate their skills ranging from helping to put out fires to working in construction or caring for the elderly.

Lectures with experts and discussions on other related topics such as productive AIs ChatGPTalso confirmed.

Free and open to all participants who register, the idea of ​​the AI ​​for Good Global Summit is to show how technologies can help humanity and collaborate with society in different modern challenges.

it happens Between 6-7 June in Geneva.

Source: Tec Mundo

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