One of the biggest goals Meta has is, What’s up? be as profitable as possible. At the moment it doesn’t seem like it’s considering launching a premium version as Telegram already has it, but it has shown one of the ways it thinks it can do it: sell directly from within the app. .

The company itself reported that, hand in hand with a message from Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, steps are being taken to start with the relevant tests to see how this works. new direct selling option and its impact on users. Currently, this new option will be restricted locally (India) and depending on how things go, steps may or may not be taken to other regions.

An agreement that is fundamental to WhatsApp

The company you take the meta step, JioMartcollaborating to deliver a technology that provides access to products available in their organization so that users can see them in the messaging app and later from that app, gain everything that needs to be sent later. So, a store with all the laws, but without having to leave the chat that it is.

Store in WhatsApp


One thing that is very important is the ease of use this new WhatsApp option offers. An example of what we said is the beginning of the store opening is the most intuitive: the specific chat to be contacted will be accessed as it will be public and once there the purchase process starts by typing the word “Hello”. As you can see in Meta’s self-published images, it is a pleasure to see the different categories available. product especially to know exactly what it is.

In addition payments is also done in the app itself It seems that the tests that WhatsApp has been running for a while on this subject have more than just sending money between users (different payment options will be accepted, including cash on delivery). The truth is, the build and operation look pretty good, but we’ll have to wait to see it live and directly.

Select a product in a store within WhatsApp


Great idea, but it won’t come right away

It’s clear that practically all messaging apps tend to be more than that, and so they offer additional services that make them very complete apps for universal use. The idea of ​​putting a store inside WhatsApp is excellent and a great way to go about it. generate income (Something will be taken as a percentage or simply by “renting” it to businesses that want to use your app to attract customers online).

Beware, the global implementation of this it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon and maybe we’re talking years—because the infrastructures and other related services to globalize stores aren’t exactly small. But the truth is that WhatsApp has embarked on a very useful path for users, where it will certainly be useful and also important.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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