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Huawei is showcasing all of its 2022 wearables: Watch GT 3 Pro, Watch Fit 2, Watch D, Band 7 and S-Tag.


If you’ve been following Huawei’s presentation in Milan, you’re probably just like us: exhausted. The Chinese brand introduces its new products targeted at the healthcare sector one by one with five new terminals. Except for his new flip phone.

Huawei has made it clear that from now on, the healthcare sector will be part of its business as it is an emerging market that will bring many benefits today and in the future. With computerization and permanent recording of our bodies, technology hopes to save millions of lives.

To sum up, we will detail what products they have taught us and what are their main you have a global view of what’s in store for us in 2022, where smartwatches will be king.

Watch Huawei GT 3 Pro

Today we have already talked a lot about this watch, so we leave you an exclusive announcement at this link. And in another other link, we leave you our analysis, since the smartwatch has been with us for several days and our colleague Alex Alcolea was able to write about it.

To highlight its 1.43-inch AMOLED panel, 14-day battery under normal use, its titanium finish with sapphire crystal and its new TruSeenTM 5.0+ sensor. We are talking about the most advanced smart watch of the company.

Watch Huawei WatchFit 2

Watch Huawei WatchFit 2

A year ago, we analyzed the new family of Huawei smartwatches, and now we are continuing the series, which is dominated by lightness and vertical design. It’s the brand’s least ambitious smartwatch, though its hardware isn’t far behind.

As it happened in due time, we will see several finishes, on which the price will depend. The Active version will cost €149, the Classic version will cost €199 and the Elegant version will cost €249. We are talking about an increase of 100% compared to its predecessors.

Huawei Watch D

Huawei Watch D

The crown jewel is called Huawei Watch D and they want to be the most advanced watch in the world in terms of health.

Designed for people with weaker health, such as our seniors, Watch D can measure blood pressure, do electrocardiograms (ECG) and track all of our vital signs.

Made of aluminum, it is stable despite its lightness, which is a key point since it uses very innovative technologies, such as the ability to measure blood pressure thanks to an ingenious mechanism that we explained here a few weeks ago.

The price of this watch is the highest at 449 euros at launch. Undoubtedly, a large number of sensors affected the cost of production.

Huawei Group 7

Huawei Group 7

What can we say about the great rival Xiaomi Mi Band, only that it arrives updated and improved – after the good Huawei Band 6 – to wage war for another year when the whole sector has its smart bracelet. Let’s start with the fact that we are talking about autonomy of 14 days.

It comes with 1.47 inch AMOLED screen, 5 ATM resistance for diving, 9.99mm ultra-thin design, 96 different sport modes, and sensors to measure heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen levels. And all for 59 euros launch.

Huawei S Tag

Huawei S Tag

In this case, we are talking about a sensor that is not tied to the wrist, but rather a plate that we can hang anywhere in order to study our performance in depth when moving. This is a professional motion sensor.

Designed for swimmers, cyclists or runners, the S-Tag sensor collects all sorts of patterns about our movements. It weighs only 7.5 grams and can be attached to clothing, a bike or even a swimsuit.

We do not yet know the price and launch of this product, so we will update as soon as we have this information. That’s all from Huawei in a presentation dated May 18, 2022.

Source: Computer Hoy

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