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Rumba of the sea, cleaning the ocean of plastic and polluting liquids


Plastic has been one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but that doesn’t mean it’s a panacea. What has happened to this material over the years is that it has been used for absolutely everything. Actually, Day after day, we see a large number of products that arrive packaged in layers and layers of plastic..

While recycling programs for this material are becoming more frequent, there is still a long way to go and the problem, or at least part of it, the amount of plastic on the beaches, in the seas and oceans. This accumulation is a huge problem for future and current generations.

Plans to eliminate this amount of plastic from the oceans are based on initiatives from research groups and some private companies that feed on people dedicated to science. Among the proposals that currently exist, one stands out in a curious way in which they had to offer a solution..

Open Ocean Engineering is behind this proposal, which can be defined as Roomba, which sails the seas in search of plastic and pollutants, so that, logically, eliminate them, thereby making water bodies much cleaner and contributing to a better world.

On a technical level, researchers at Open Ocean Engineering have created a kind of smart boat with a net that catches plastic debris and where it is stored until it reaches the port. It is not very big, in fact its length is only three meters..

The way it is powered is also ecological, thanks to the fact that it has solar panels that power the battery, which in turn gives the electric current to the motor that allows it to propel itself across bodies of water. Moves around the cleaning sections like Roomba in houses..

With such a compact size, it is much more interesting for canals or rivers where you are working with much more specific areas of water. In addition, it is interesting that this boat is able to identify garbage and classify it thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, supplemented by a pair of cameras.

The truth is that this is a very interesting proposal for keeping water bodies clean on the planet. Currently Clearbot Neo focused on the waters of Hong Kongalthough it looks like there are already buyers from other countries interested in this robot capable of purifying water from plastic waste.

Source: Computer Hoy

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