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The data doesn’t lie and is destructive to Netflix


Netflix is ​​facing an unprecedented situation due to increased competition, resulting in a sheer loss of subscribers that is wiping out many of its original content investments.

And there needs to be more response to such a situation, and for this a new independent survey recently showed that even the most loyal Netflix users who have subscribed for more than three years, represent a large number of users who have not renewed their subscription to the service in these last few weeks.

However, according to data from Antennathe analytics firm that anonymously collects data on the streaming volumes of millions of US households through The Information says that loyal Netflix subscribers, those who have had an account for more than three years, They accounted for 13% of cancellations in the first quarter of 2022..


MAY 2022 Premieres on Netflix

And yet the situation seems to be getting worse because Netflix considers it quite likely that they could lose even more subscribers during this year.

One of the considered explanations for this loss of subscribers is that the market is becoming more and more competitive with actors like Disney Plus or HBO Max doing really well.

It also seems that cheap subscription plans advertising some of these competing services are helping them grow faster, and Netflix looks set to follow the same path with a new subscription later this year.

Another reason why Netflix is ​​losing subscribers constant rise in pricessomething that used to be done very rarely, but now occurs almost every year.

Therefore, we will have to closely monitor the movements of Netflix in the coming months, because it is likely that we will see a lot of changes, not only in terms of new subscription plans, but also a commitment to original content.

Source: Computer Hoy

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