OnePlus recently had the opportunity to confirm a new update regarding its first devices in the series northwith smartphones that have finally had the opportunity to download the free update to Android 12 by means of OxygenOS 12 We are talking about the details of a commitment that the company has made for some time to continue to support the devices, even if, as in the case of the north, it is not exactly a latest generation phone, but which in any case case the possibility of obtaining the new system operationally performed by google

It may take a few days for the update to arrive on all devices, and if you north it is therefore advisable to pay attention to the relative settings in order to update your device as soon as possible. At the moment there are no details about the debut in Europe, because we have only talked about an update that should arrive soon, with a company that will certainly be able to confirm in a while when even the Italian users can put their hand up OxygenOS 12 for the Oneplus North.

When this becomes available, it will of course be good that everyone can take advantage of the potential of the new Google operating system that has been around for a while, and thus experience new features and various improvements related to the system. As explained on the pages of GizChina no more than two weeks should pass, and all that remains is to wait patiently for the update.

In any case, as said, we are waiting for official announcements from the company, which should have the opportunity to examine everything in the not too distant future, given the debut in China that has already begun.

Source: Lega Nerd

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