As expected from the video pages recently VideoCardz NVIDIA it should have the ability to release a device in some time as far as the low-end ready to be particularly interesting.

We are dealing specifically with a video card, as it is a company specializing in this area, which, however, would have the opportunity to enhance its range of jewelry through a decidedly under-performing model. We are talking specifically about GTX 1630that continuation of the 30-series low-budget GPUs should have a way of GTX 1050Ti on the market, which is still used by many users despite their six years of service.

It must be said that at the moment it is only a rumor and that we do not know ourselves and when the company will be able to announce the device in question, about which, among other things, we do not even have more specific details.

However, what we can guess from the name of the jewel that will in fact be called GTX, assuming that the report’s pages VideoCardz right, we have nothing to do with architecture Amperewith the Turing that can be reused to make a device of this type. However, this would still be enough in this case to guarantee quite good low-end performance and also an entry-level approach as far as the game world is concerned.

Source: Lega Nerd

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