The best way Quit smoking never start. But putting that aside, no matter how we get hooked, we can also let go. The problem is that although there is a lot of information today about harm from tobacco use, there is not much about the best methods to quit smoking. Yes, willpower is important, but that’s not all. For this reason, we may fall in love with certain methods that not only help us quit smoking, but also help us empty our wallet faster. And nothing more.

It is important to know what methods really help to quit smoking, because the life of a smoker depends on it. In fact, according to a study published last year, the risk of death for people who quit smoking up to 35 years equal to that of non-smokers. And it’s not too late for others. Up to 45 years, the risk of mortality is reduced by 90%, and up to 64 years – by 66%.

It is clear that the sooner the better, but quit smoking at any time positive for health. Now, what are the best methods to do this?

Quitting smoking with drugs is a useful method that many people leave as a last resort.

Smokers generally do not consider smoking a health problem. Therefore, when they decide to quit smoking, they do not seek medical help. But, although it is not a disease per se, it is true, drugs they can help a lot.

If other methods do not help, the doctor may prescribe or bupropion or varenicline. The first one is antidepressantbut it is not only used to treat depression. It has been observed that the areas of the brain it acts on are also associated with addictions, so it gives very good results for smoking cessation. As for the second, it is a partial agonist and antagonist in the presence of nicotine. This means that it binds to the receptors in the nervous system that it normally binds to, avoiding both its damage and the pleasurable effects that addiction induces.

You can also use replacement therapy.

Replacement therapy may be tried before taking these two drugs. These are fast-release nicotine methods that help you overcome cravings without causing much harm. They are not meant to permanently replace tobacco, but they can help you quit smoking early. Some examples nicotine patches and chewing gum.

Psychological Therapy Necessary for Smoking Cessation

Of course, psychological therapy is also very helpful in quitting smoking, as is the case with any other addiction. It may be the first remedy on its own, and when the time comes, if deemed necessary, it may be used in combination with drugs. cognitive behavioral therapy This is the one with the most scientific evidence.

Physical exercise also helps

Sometimes it is unpleasant to hear that everything is solved by exercises. But in this case, it is true that if not a solution, then at least help. in combination with other therapies.

In fact, it has been observed that regular exercise, both aerobic and resistance-based, can help smokers. reduce withdrawal symptoms and tobacco cravings. In addition, it is well known that many people gain weight after quitting smoking. In fact, some people stop trying when they start gaining weight. Therefore, it is also beneficial to exercise, as this effect can be avoided.

A man smokes an electronic cigarette.

No electronic cigarettes or cigarettes

Some believe that rolling tobacco is less harmful, and e-cigarettes can serve as a substitute for therapy. However, both ideas are wrong.

To start, paper which is used with tobacco for rolling, usually contains toxic substances that are added to those already contained in tobacco leaves. There are studies that show that it can be even more dangerous than regular cigarettes. Something similar happens with electronic cigarettes. More and more harm is being discovered from its consumption. And the fact is that, although they contain initially harmless substances, when heated to form steam, they release toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Also, while some studies indicate that it may be helpful for smoking cessation, others indicate the opposite. All this without forgetting that the benefits to be gained will not outweigh the risks.

Other Methods That Don’t Help You Quit Smoking

There are people who resort to acupuncture or hypnotherapy quit smoking. However, neither of the two methods has sufficient scientific evidence. With so many other options that have proven to be useful, investing usually large amounts of money in something for which there is no evidence of effectiveness is not a good idea.

In short, yes, you can quit smoking more than you want, but you have to be careful about the methods you choose. not everyone is harmless, some are useless, and there is nothing worse than failing at something as important as saying goodbye to tobacco once and for all. We must choose very well the methods that will help us achieve this.

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