machines Xiaomi It’s still as good as ever, and besides constantly launching new accessories and phones, it’s doing the same with TVs. An example is that it has announced a new product range in China, one of its most striking features as it is complete is a very low price… even for this manufacturer.

We are talking about the Xiaomi TV EA Pro, whose key features include having panels that are compatible with resolution. 4K and lacks high dynamic range image display support (HDR). This ensures that series such as games are displayed accurately and you don’t miss any details. It should be noted here that these new Smart TVs contain technology. MEMC motion compensation, ie rapid changes in what is moving, is achieved with excellent reliability.

Another important thing about these new TVs is the design, which the Asian company has made an effort to offer a very high quality look. With two feet for one sole, it’s something that stands out above the others. Front utilization reaches 96%, which is bezels are almost unnoticeable. Additionally, the ending Metalsurprising for devices that are quite cheap in all their dimensions, as you will see later.

The operating system of these Xiaomi Smart TVs

The new Xiaomi TV EA Pro includes: Androidso Amazon’s Fire OS wasn’t used like the equipment the manufacturer recently announced—which was pretty surprising. The truth is, it has customization above Google’s development, but you can access the apps you want to download from here. game store such as games or streaming video platform clients. Obviously, you have the possibility to use the Google assistant or Alexa without any problems.

Frames of MSart TV Xiaomi TV EA Pro


In order for everything to work properly, these Smart TVs have some pretty solvent hardware inside that consists of a processor. MediaTek MT9638 it is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and what does it have to do with storage, it reaches sixteen concerts. So you won’t have any trouble upscaling images to 4K. Also, in terms of connectivity, it should be noted that it has. Wi-Fi and Bluetoothwithout three HDMI ports and a USB pair to which you can connect all kinds of accessories.

Almost excessive prices

It has been announced that there are currently three models with screens. 55, 65 and 75 inches, the first place they were offered for sale in China. It is expected to launch later in other regions where the company is located, such as Spain. When it comes to prices, the cheapest with the smallest panel goes on sale for 1,999 yuan, and in return it remains on the market right now. about 284 euros… a brutality. The other two cost €384 and €568 respectively.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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