The 10 most watched TV series on Netflix in 2023

Netflix published a report containing the most popular TV series of 2023, and these are the 10 most watched TV series.

These are the most popular Netflix series of 2023

Netflix revealed which ones are sweating The most watched TV series of 2023 on your platform. This year has been a complicated one for Netflix, let’s remember that it started with a serious drop in the number of subscribers following measures to prevent password sharing in Spain. But it looks like the year will end better than it started.

Netflix published the report What We Watched It reveals a lot of information about you. most popular TV series and movies. The report provides official viewing hours data through June 2023.

10. Manifesto

fourth season Manifest became the tenth most watched series on Netflix. Tells the story of the crew and passengers The plane that reappeared after 5 years. Time hasn’t passed yet for them, but they land in a world that left them to die.

  • Viewing time: 262,600,000 hours.

9. Fubar

Arnold Schwarzenegger The CIA agent is back in this new comedy and action series. The series introduces us to father and daughter Luke Brunner and Emma Brunner. They both work for the CIA and are on secret missions. But they don’t know that the other one is a secret agent.

  • Viewing time: 266,200,000 hours.

8. Outer Banks

third season This action-adventure, mystery and teen drama series positions itself as the eighth best premiere on Netflix this year. Outer Banks is not a typical teen drama, it is a series full of mystery and adventure.

  • Viewing time: 402,500,000 hours.

7. Queen of the south

A sudden turn of events forces a young Sinaloa woman into the dangerous world of drug trafficking, where she slowly rises through the ranks. HE The premiere of season 3 was a success Even though it is a series that is not available worldwide.

  • Viewing time: 429,600,000 hours.

6. You

fourth season This successful series has become one of the most watched. New year, new country, new identity. But it seems Joe can’t leave his past behind.

  • Viewing time: 440,600,000 hours.

5. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

The love story that left its mark on the beginning. Bridgerton saga Continuing its success for Netflix, the series added a new season in 2023, bringing together more than half a million users.

  • Viewing time: 503,000,000 hours.

4. Wednesday

Tim Burton’s series for Netflix focuses on Wednesday thriller with paranormal elements Since the time when the famous Addams girl studied at Nevermore Academy. The success has been so great that a second season of Wednesday has already been announced.

  • Viewing time: 507,700,000 hours.

3. Victory

The first season of this Korean drama was a real success. in this a sad revenge story The young woman who was harassed had been thinking about the best way to take revenge for a while. When he becomes a primary school teacher, he takes in the son of the man who tortured him the most.

  • Viewing time: 622,800,000 hours.

2. Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia deserves special mention as it will be the most watched series of the year if we include the first and second season viewers. The two seasons premiered in 2023, gathering thousands of users.

  • Watching Time (Season 1): 302,100,000 hours.
  • Watch Time (Season 2): 665,100,000 hours.

1. Night agent

The most watched Netflix series of 2023 was The Night Agent. In the first season of this series fbi agent He answers a call that leads him into a deadly conspiracy involving a mole in the White House.

  • Viewing time: 812,100,000 hours.

These were According to Netflix report, the most watched TV series of the yearbut it only takes into account data from the first 6 months of the year.

Source: i Padizate

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