An update for the media player has started rolling out Chromecast with Google TV. Besides the usual improvements in stability and speed, a new function has been added that is perfect for improving the use of all members of the family: the creation of personal profiles.

This feature, which is highly anticipated by users, has now become a reality as it allows you to personalize the device. In case you do not have the relevant document Update, which is normal, if you search manually – and as long as you have internet access – the new version will be detected and installed. We recommend doing this as you will not encounter any performance issues.

A very positive development on Chromecast

One thing you need to know clearly is that only google tv operating system I was able to use the option to use profiles. Earlier versions of the Player do not have the possibility to take advantage of this feature. The truth is that this function, which was announced last year, finally has such a wide spread that it is a new function on its own in the accessory we mentioned.

The benefits of having this new option on Chromecasts are quite interesting. To begin with, each member of the family can have one, meaning that the content is taken as it is consumed. Suggestions personalized. However, in addition, you can configure Interface user such that adapted to the liking of each user, both in visualization and in featured applications.

Add a profile on Chromecast with Google TV

Smart Life

Even follow lists become more useful for each person or recommendation possibilities on that list. calls They’re exactly what you need, not the ones with jumbled up information about every person in the house.

Creating a profile is easy

This is something Google is working on perfectly because you just need to access the first screen of the Chromecast and access the profile image that is open. At that moment, you will see that there is an icon with a “+” symbol that you should use to create a new one. Come on, it’s easier, it’s impossible.

From that moment on, it will be possible to access the new profile in the Google TV operating system, either when the player starts or directly from the first screen of the user interface. Therefore, using only remote control you can get it. It is a good option that you will use constantly if you must try it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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