operating system for televisions google tv It is the evolution of Android that the North American company is developing and currently supporting. This offers usability and UI improvements, and the truth is, it works pretty well. Well, it is known that work has been done to increase the simplicity of the installation and configuration process. We show you what’s to come.

One of the important things to know about this operating system is that it is currently available on a large number of devices. So, I was able to find it on TVs like TV sets. Sony or TCL and even the latest version media player Chromecast uses this. Therefore, we are talking about a business that already has a large presence and will continue to grow. In this way, any improvement is welcomed.

What will develop on Google TV?

Considering that the installation process is very simple, since you just have to enter the user you will use in Google (if available, better than better because everything is much faster), having at Mountain View firm is to improve everything it has. adjustment -either the first one, or performed when everything is working-. And the known ideal is really good.

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Basically, what will be done is to extract the information held on the Android devices associated with the account, and in this way, Apps What do you have? will establish Automatically on computer with Google TV (as long as they are compatible and services like Spotify or Netflix are an example). But, in addition to that, it will go a step further, because if you have the access information – relevant identification information– these will also be used, so you don’t have to enter with the remote control… this process is as common a failure as it is tedious. Come on, it’s simply impossible to start using everything quickly and safely.

A success at last

As we mentioned earlier, the idea is good and will be very helpful for those who have a Smart TV or media player with Google TV. But yes, it should be obvious this is nothing new. There are manufacturers that offer similar functionality in all their products in the Fire TV lineup, such as Apple and especially Amazon (with excellent performance must be said). So what the company that created Android is doing is jumping on the bandwagon that should be yes or yes. users have a much more comfortable life.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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