Apple Watch saved the life of this pregnant woman and her baby

Apple Watch saved a pregnant woman’s life thanks to heartbeat alerts.

Apple Watch and its detection of heart problems

There are already several stories about the Apple Watch saving lives. For example, a few months ago we showed you how an Apple Watch helped a teenager who had an accident at a height of 40 meters.

Now There’s another story about how the Apple Watch can be an important boost for some people.. A few days ago, Apple’s wearable device saved the life of a pregnant woman and her baby thanks to new features the company added to new versions.

A pregnant woman and her baby are safe thanks to the Apple Watch

CBSNews was the vehicle to tell this amazing story. 39 year old pregnant woman He had to seek emergency medical attention when his Apple Watch told him something was seriously wrong. with your health The woman in question is Jesse Kelly, and she even talks about dying.

The American media is talking about it. Jesse Kelly had a high-risk pregnancy., so it needed to be rested to avoid future problems. Suddenly, one morning, the woman says she feels pretty bad, but thinks it’s morning sickness or possible signs of gastroenteritis.

apple watch

Apple Watch and heart rate monitoring.

Just weeks before her due date, Costa Mesa’s mother said she had not done any activity that would get her heart rate above 120 beats per minute. However, his smartwatch kept beeping, giving a warning that his heart rate was high.

Apple Watch beats per minute alert it started firing every 15 minutestherefore, the woman will immediately seek medical services as she thinks that there is something very bad about her health.

He went straight to the hospital, this is Dr. It was something Brian Kolski would recommend to anyone. Providence St. Although Joseph’s cardiologist did not cure Kelly, he had his patients prescribed Apple Watches to screen for certain heart conditions.

Despite calling a heart hospital, The woman would come to the hospital with a full delivery.. According to American media, doctors commented that Jesse Kelly was about to lose the baby.

Three hours later, however, she was given a healthy baby girl named Shelby Marie. He is grateful not only to the doctors and nurses who took care of him, but also to the Apple Watch that alerted him.

The lesson to be learned from this interesting story is that You should always pay attention to the alerts that Apple Watch shows you.because most of the time it’s not just text messages that show up.

Source: i Padizate

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