October 2022 premieres on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Apple TV+

These are all premieres coming October 2022 on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Apple TV+.

By Angel Roca on Apple TV

Mainstream platforms arrive with big premieres October 2022 and we have a lot of new content you like Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Apple TV+. Surely you’re subscribed to more than one of these platforms and you know how hard it is to keep up with all the news, so we’re going to compile all the premieres week by week.

Disney+ launches in October 2022


Disney+ is coming with great releases this month

Disney+, on its own merits streaming market leaders, “exceeds” Netflix in numbers, with very good originals and lots of content. Many interesting premieres are coming in October.

  • Price: 8.99 Euro per month / 89.90 Euro per year.
  • Free promotion: 7-day trial.

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Premieres of the first week (October 1-9)


  • Bear – October 5th


  • Night Werewolf – October 7th.


No premieres this week

Netflix launching in October 2022

Netflix has been the number one streaming platform for years, despite losing customers this year and opting for a new ad-supported plan. remains the most important platform. Many premieres in the form of TV shows, movies and documentaries are coming to Netflix in October 2022.

  • Price: from 7.99 euros per month, options 11.99 and 14.99.
  • Free promotion: only available in certain countries, not including Spain.

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Premieres of the first week (October 1-9)


  • Nickel! United States of America – Season 7 – October 5
  • andropause – October 7
  • Conversations with a Murderer: Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes – October 7
  • anomalies – October 7
  • midnight club – October 7
  • Derry Girls – Season 3 – October 7


  • room in rome – October 1st
  • Being the Boss in Manolito Gafotas is great! – October 1st
  • fourth stage – October 1st
  • To go – October 5th
  • without fear of the stars – October 5th
  • Mr. Harrigan’s phone – October 5th
  • with you captain – October 5th
  • great flood – October 5th
  • anomalies – October 7
  • the girl who has everything – October 7
  • rescue team – October 7
  • seniors – October 7
  • midnight club – October 7

HBO Max launches in October 2022

hbo max

HBO Max is coming this month with great premieres

In October 2022, big premieres are coming on HBO Max, one of the platforms with the highest quality content. Characterized by HBO Max great productionsthe last one is the “Dragon’s House”, which will receive new chapels during this month.

  • Price: 8.99 Euros per month.
  • Free promotion: 14 days.

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Premieres of the first week (September 1-9)


  • cleaning girl – Season 2 – October 1
  • star girl – Season 3 – October 1
  • mr bean – Season 2 – October 2
  • Pennyworth – Season 3 – October 7


No premieres this week


  • María Marta, Crime of the Country – October 1st
  • waste free chef – Season 2 – October 8

Amazon Prime Video will be released in October 2022

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the streaming platforms cheapest and most interesting on the market, as it’s included in the Amazon Prime price with all its benefits. And we have a lot of news about Amazon Prime in October 2022.

  • Price: €4.99 per month or €49.99 per year (included with Amazon Prime). Students: 18 euros per year.
  • Free promotion: 30 days. Students: 90 days.

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Premieres of the first week (October 1-9)

  • Top Gun: passion and glory – October 1st
  • Hercules – October 1st
  • How to kill a dead husband? – October 1st
  • happy novelty – October 1st
  • 007’s voice – October 5th
  • Sheep – October 5th
  • Catherine called Birdy – October 7
  • nasty jealousy – October 7
  • the insane – October 7

Apple TV+ launching in October 2022


Apple TV+ already has great TV shows, movies and documentaries

Apple TV+ is making its own way and doesn’t air the same number of TV shows and movies as other platforms, as all productions are 100% original. Apple’s idea is to prioritize quality over quantity. less tv series and movies but all almost necessary. These are Apple TV+’s premieres in September.

  • Price: 4.99 Euros per month.
  • Free promotion: 7 days free, 1 year when you buy an Apple device.

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Premieres of the first week (October 1-9)

No premieres this week

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