One of the things you might be interested in knowing is the given usage. Netflix That way you can know what each of your own family members are up to. profile. If you do not know how to achieve this, you should know that there is an official tool to study this information.

Among the options that it is possible to review in the Netflix web client, which is not in the application itself, record the number of views for each of the profiles associated with an account. You can even download the data in question to keep the information safe if you deem it necessary. And luckily, it’s an extremely simple thing to achieve, and frankly, it doesn’t involve any risk compared to normal use of the streaming video platform.

This is how you will see the Netflix activity history

The steps you need to take are the ones you’ll see below, and the truth will confirm that it won’t take you even five minutes to see this information (if you want to download some more, but that’s all, all must be said). Without further ado, we leave you alone. action you need to take To get the information we mentioned:

  • Open the Netflix website in the browser you usually use. Use this link for that.
  • Now introduce yourself and once that’s done, choose one of the adult profiles you saved (you can’t perform the steps for kids).
  • In the upper right you will see the icon representing the profile and when pressed a drop-down menu will appear where you need to select Account.
Viewing activity section on Netflix

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  • You will see a new screen where you need to go to the section called Profile and parental control. Here, click on the arrow pointing to the profile whose viewing data you want to know.
  • Options that appear include View activity and a link to the right called View.
  • You will see everything you see sorted by date and this way you can know everything displayed.
  • You’re done.

If you want download history, all you have to do is slide to the bottom area of ​​the screen. On the right, you will see a link called Download All. Click on it and decide where you want to store the data from Netflix. Now, you need to wait for the process to finish.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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