services become a priority view, and realized that it is not very profitable to create barriers so that the maximum number of users can access it. Therefore, it makes sense to start everything related to subscriptions with the greatest possible compatibility. And finally, it looks like the Cupertino company’s streaming video service will be possible. Can be used on almost all smartphones from the market.

Basically, what the Tim Cook-led firm plans to do is, Android application AppleTV. This ends the existing restrictions so that owners of a device can enjoy the development of Google movies and series available on Apple’s VOD service. That way, something that many didn’t think their eyes would see will be: the end of restrictions when it comes to accessing the North American company’s multimedia services so anyone can object. And this is a good dosewhich is always useful.

Apple’s goal isn’t to close doors

And it’s a good policy, because the more people who have access to your services, the better your chances of making a profit from them (as a business it’s all about that). So, the policy that was usual at Apple before, a closed ecosystem tight and sing, this Changing by Tim Cook. While some may think that this is not good, the truth is stubborn and—aside from how essential it is to have a good income statement—shows the opposite.

It all started with the launch of some television service clients, to give an example, but now a major leap forward will be made with the launch of Apple TV for Android. This is because, quantitative leap is spectacular. Of course, it will be necessary to check whether the figures accompany this decision.

No date for app arrival

There is no exact data on this at the moment, but everything points to: first half of 2023 It will be when Apple announces the arrival of the Android app. And therefore, that they can access the different services it hosts. Given the changes that platforms like Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ are going through, there’s a good possibility that perhaps you’ll consider signing up for one of these (in Spain this will happen shortly).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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