The plans are already known AppleTV+ plans to deliver content to people who subscribe to its streaming video service. And things don’t change one bit for how the Cupertino company has come to be today: high-quality premieres, but not in large numbers. And as you can see, things are working for him.

On January 27 comes the best the platform has planned. We’re talking about a series called no filter treatment It will undoubtedly be the best of 2023. It tells in a comedic mood that a therapist who has serious family problems decides not to cheat with his patients. This goes against everything ethical in his profession… Moreover, it’s a completely different style of acting than the one he’s worked with before. An excellent cast and where Harrison Ford is amazing.

The continuation of the series coming to Apple TV+ in January 2023

The fourth season of the series, which will premiere next month. servant (this happens on January 13). This is the last one, so it all looks like it’s going to be epic, as the tension between the hero and the Santos Menores Church gets tougher each time. As the rest of the protagonists try to survive as best they can, the key to creation is unraveled: Who is the woman who triggered the conflict?

third season To tell the truth. The search continues for clues to solving the disappearances of several black girls, something that not many are interested in. The school principal, who is less conscientious about taking precautions so that the kidnappers in question do not stay with him, will step in. The tone is the same, so creation works.

Finally, it’s Apple TV+’s turn. Super League: battle for football. It’s almost like a documentary-like film where you can bring the two sides together in the open war in football. It will be possible to know firsthand the two perspectives and even the reasons that led to the idea of ​​creating the Super League, through interviews, it will be possible for king lovers to be sure on January 13, the opening date. You will enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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