until date, HBO Max it was one of the few major platforms. continued its price policy (at least the ad-free one, something only available in some regions). Well this is known will change and what’s more, it will do so very soon. We tell you exactly what was communicated.

The company has officially stated that it will take a step forward. price increase To access content without having to see ads. Moreover, it will not take a while for users to think, no. HBO Max’s decision february bill The increase until 2023 is a reality. Of course, for those who have an external account United States of AmericaThere is good news for the moment, because the effect of these things is in this country -for the moment, of course-.

This is the rise HBO Max has experienced

While we wait for the merger with Discovery to happen is something that is expected to happen this year, but whether it will happen at the times indicated, the amount the company decides it should be is not yet clear. one dollar increase in your salary. So you go from $14.99 to $15.99 in the US. It doesn’t really look like a disgrace, but still a keep track of what the rest are doing -it hadn’t happened until now-. In the country we are curious about, the ad-supported version stays at $ 9.99.

Examples of content on the HBO Max platform


Currently not specified nothing affecting Spain, but it is logical to assume that the usual cascading effect will happen and in our country in a not so long time you will have to pay 9.99 euros to access the platform. For this reason, and with the expectation that this could happen, it’s not a bad idea to consider whether you want to support this increase, especially considering that this is the service we’re talking about. delete content constantly (some examples are TV shows like Westworld or Raised By Wolves).

Bad drink of streaming platforms

Well, we are in such a moment practically none recorded having to raise prices or build reach with ads (something that isn’t the first idea of ​​this type of business). But costs and time have shown that the model followed is not viable, so it’s time to change but reinvent yourself, as the decision is an old acquaintance: I’m increasing the amount you have to pay. same service no more, no less

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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