These are very important times for us. streaming video platforms, because everything shows that there is no place for all that is… so in the future some will no longer be there. That’s why incredible strides are being made in the quest (which is no easy feat) to have a large user base and at the same time offer everything needed to be profitable. Well, one of them is known Plans Netflix has for the medium termand it will affect you.

According to the information source, one of the company’s ideas for the future emerged at a meeting with investments from the company, in which Ted Sarandos, one of the great executives of Netflix, was also present, and it is: Surprisingly, lately, the service in its current form maintains some logic.. We’re talking about probability. start a free subscription… in the purest YouTube style, to give an example. Incredibly true?

On the one hand, it should be noted that this will provide continuity to the currently existing advertising option, which is already available in Spain at a price of 5.49 euros. And why do we say this? So it’s none other than him. increase in the number of ads posted, which would allow a free option to launch (which would obviously reduce access to the catalog of movies and series offered by Netflix). Come on, it would be an option that could be classified as the same as what traditional television channels offer. At least it’s intriguing.

Not a completely new idea on Netflix

The truth is, the company experimented with similar options years ago, such as giving access to a limited number of episodes of some series to create the need to contract the service to find out the end of the plot. Therefore, since The company has long appreciated taking this step one way or another.and apparently increasing the promotion of the chosen person – and therefore the guaranteed income.

Hulu and Netflix logo

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As an aside, if this is done and successful (Hulu has made a very clear path), it’s a the impact of your competition on the borderline, will be forced to take this step in some cases and perhaps just doesn’t have the power to do so in the user base. latter, Netflix risks raising – even more – doubt in the way it works with a full commitment to advertising… this adds to the sense that quantity is more valuable than quality in the content presented. Therefore, we are talking about a risk that must be carefully measured.

medium term arrival

This is totally logical, because right now the company stage of creating your subscription with adsmarket share that appears to be moving slower than expected, but which the firm sees as a safe bet – and there will be a reason for it. Also, soon the trial step terminate shared accountsWorking on how to achieve it is also something that takes time and does not have a negative impact on the income account. Whether it will achieve this is still unclear, and who knows, the arrival of a free account with lots of ads could help achieve that. The truth is that these are obviously moments of change on Netflix and therefore all video streaming platforms.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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