Do you have access to the video platform offered by Telefónica? Then we will tell you everything you can enjoy. Movistar Plus+ What does it have to do with movies and TV shows? As always, the number of the first exceeds the number of the second, but the fact is that there are options for everyone to be satisfied with the planned new one.

Among the movies that we think should probably not be missed, it is the movie that will be released on February 17. Suicide Squad. We’re talking about James Gunn’s version, and it’s crazy how much you’ll enjoy it if you decide to watch it. With a script that doesn’t slow down and action from all directions, I’m sure you’ll have a good time watching some bad guys that sometimes aren’t so bad… But they’re the worst when the time comes. Guaranteed fun and therefore ideal for an afternoon of the weekend.

If you need to choose a new series to watch on Movistar Plus+, we can only recommend Suspicious. This police fiction in which he almost walks is what he appears in the investigation into the murder of a young woman. It’s a good chance to see a creation with some very curious characters, detectives not abused by violence, and it’s almost a miracle in these times. It premieres on the platform on February 3.

Everything else Movistar Plus+ premieres in February 2023

this list options that come to the catalog as novelties From the Telefónica platform:


  • The Blacklist: Season 10 begins February 27


  • Benediction: premieres February 1
  • Space Jam: New Legends: Premiere February 3rd
  • Live-streaming: Premiere on Feb.
  • My dear children: premiere on February 5
  • Rite of Spring: Stereo on February 6
  • Promises in Paris: premieres on February 7
  • Wild Sunflowers: Premiere February 7
  • Unicorn Wars: Premieres February 8
  • One year, one night: premiere on February 9
  • Model 77: Premiere on February 10
  • Pig: premieres February 11
  • Dance with life: premieres February 14
  • Sentence: Premiere on February 14
  • Icarus and the Minotaur: premieres on February 15
  • The Suicide Squad: premieres February 17
  • Evil: hits theaters on February 18
  • Pig: premieres December 19
  • Among the Waves: Premiere on February 21
  • Lunana, a yak at school: premieres February 21
  • Night Raiders: premieres February 22
  • Minions: The Origin of Gru: Premiering on February 24
  • Memories: Premiere on February 25
  • Fury of the Mountain: Premieres Feb 26
  • Broken: premieres February 28
  • Onoda, 10,000 nights in the woods: premiers February 28

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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