Netflix regrets and delays plan to block shared accounts

Netflix representatives acknowledged to their shareholders the “short-term negative impact” of this plan.

A Netflix spokesperson recently spoke about the controversial plan.

They have been planning an excellent strategy from Netflix for several months to block accounts logging in from different locations to prevent their subscribers from sharing their passwords with other users. Netflix’s plan to revitalize its platform’s revenue could backfire as a company received a lot of criticism since this is known.

Actually, the platform streaming they have published information on their official website outlining all the details about blocking shared accounts and stating what users need to do – they have now removed it – Login every 31 days using the same Wi-Fi connection and in case of travel, a maximum 7 days away from the main location. Fortunately, they delayed their plans due to bad public opinion from Netflix.

Netflix sets a date to start blocking shared accounts

Netflix has devised several schemes to prevent its users from sharing their passwords, and everything is mass blocking of accounts with shared passwords would launch at the end of March 2023 with the implementation of a feature known as “Extra Member” It will ask for permission to add an additional subscription for an additional amount. Although Netflix seems to continue its decision to continue this venture, its plans have changed due to criticism from the community.

First of all, Netflix has removed its website from sharing account information. Second, a company representative told shareholders that Netflix’s Extra Member functionality “It will have a negative impact in the short term”. Third, they are not clear on how to do this.

Netflix is ​​testing the Extra Member in these countries: Chile, Costa Rica and Peru Since last year, it begins to demand additional payments from users connecting in other locations.

Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka spoke to The Verge about why they removed the help website for shared accounts in the United States:

“A help center article was published briefly on Tuesday, with information applicable to other countries only for Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. We have since updated this article.”


Netflix shared details on ‘device blocking’

In other words, Netflix was intimidated by the public and decided to remove it from the site as well as this section on the website. postpone your plansAlthough available in Spain, it doesn’t mention “blocked devices” like in the United States version.

That’s why Netflix will continue to consider how to avoid accounts shared on its platform, they will do so “later in the first quarter” according to its spokesperson.

Source: i Padizate

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