It’s clear that video platforms are going through a transition period where the market will put each one in their place. Some companies that seem unwavering in this segment of the market aren’t having their best moments. And an example of what we said Disney+ accumulating the first drop in user numbers for the first time in its history globally.

The North American firm has published its latest financial results; subscriber count currently owns 161.8 million worldwide. Well Disney+ drops 2.4 million. It’s not a very high number, but this is the first time. And therefore, we will have to wait for certain measures to be taken by the company currently headed by Bob Iger (while rumors about the potential sale of the platform do not stop appearing).

Disney+’s landing is very localized

This is good news for the company as there has been no overall decline worldwide. According to the firm, the source of the problems is Southeast Asia and India. And the reason seems pretty obvious: Indian Premier League defeatIt is the most important cricket league in the region. In terms of popularity, it is similar to football in Spain. So this would be what leads to the user drop mentioned above.

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For the rest, the numbers obtained by Disney+ elsewhere are not bad, but not as good as in other cases, suggesting that the platform’s previous growth has slowed (thus the target may not be met). reach 250 or 245 million users by 2024). For example, Added 200,00 new members in the US It was a big surprise to the platform that the number of their services such as Hulu or ESPN+ increased by 800,000 and 600,000 respectively. Therefore, the fact that Disney+’s revenue is $ 23,300 million is a situation that does not convince many analysts.

Measures to be taken by the company

Well, except that the announcements that will sooner or later land in Spain are on the platform, everything indicates that the company will be heading in the same direction as the tech companies and therefore intends make some layoffs (probably 3% of employees who currently have VOD service). It seems that no one has survived the burning at the moment.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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