A new week begins in February 2023 and as always different premieres of streaming video platforms are planned For those who have an account to enjoy. We show you the most interesting of serials and movies.

The series we think is the most prominent among the arrivals this week, does it on Prime Video on January 17th and stars Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom. We’re talking about its second and final season. Carnival Sequence, where the stability of the world, inhabited by humans and the different creatures they more or less coexist with, is once again endangered. The tension will be maximum and we will see how the creators unravel the whole framework that points to the fact that this beautiful series is being prepared for more episodes.

Movies aren’t the most content this week, but there are some movies worth trying. If you’re a horror lover, Netflix launches on February 15 Annabelle is coming home. The theme is somewhat repetitive, but given a twist that might surprise you due to the additional stuff about spirits. The story that happened to the girl is important, we already guessed.

The remaining premieres are during the week of February 13.

So you don’t miss anything, we show you a list of the most striking You will be able to see it at the level of movie and series premieres on video streaming platforms in Spain. These are:


  • All the Times We Fall in Love: Season One Begins February 14
  • The First Time: Season 1 begins on February 15
  • IT: Chapter 2: kicks off on February 15
  • La llorona: premiere on February 15
  • Bride: Premiere on February 15
  • Mom: Premiere on February 15
  • Amoma: premieres on February 15
  • Lidia Poët law: first season premiere on February 15
  • Witches of Zugarramurdi: premiere on February 15
  • No Wednesdays: premiere on February 15

HBO Max:

  • House Built by Dragons: Premiere on February 13
  • Poor devil: premieres February 17

Primary Video:

  • Head of Joaquín Murrieta: premiere on 17 February
  • Time: Premiere on February 17
  • Stark Trek: Picard: season 3 begins February 17


  • Invisible girl: the premiere of the first season on January 15
  • Primetime: Season 1 starts on February 15


  • Tricksters: premieres February 17
  • For a Better Tomorrow: Season One Begins February 17
  • On the crest of the wave: the premiere of the first season on February 17

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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