Netflix cuts prices in several Latin American countries and may be in Spain

The streaming platform is well aware of its massive subscriber loss and widespread social criticism.

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Netflix cuts prices in several Latin American countries and may be in Spain
Netflix has decided to lower prices in certain regions of Latin America where the “new policy” applies.

The new policy of the platform, which consists of prohibiting the sharing of Netflix accounts, caused avalanche criticism and huge subscription losses in different countries where this new measure was camouflaged with the extra member function. As a temporary solution, Because Netflix prices have dropped in some Latin American countriesAnd if things continue like this, prices will go down. Spain.

Netflix is ​​constantly being criticized on social networks from users dissatisfied with the new policy in Spain and other Latin American countries. The company even went so far as to threaten to block user accounts logged in elsewhere. The rejection of the Spanish public in the face of what they describe as “cheating and harassment” by Netflix is ​​absolutely brutal. Every tweet and every post is instantly boycotted by usersmany unsubscribed. Therefore, the Netflix price drop is very likely to reach Spain as well.

Netflix cuts prices in Latin America and other countries

We are facing an unprecedented situation. Few times in history has a tech-industry company been rejected so much from its own subscribers. The economic losses must be brutal. But instead of removing the account sharing ban, Netflix seems intent on sticking with its policy and just cutting prices.

Netflix announced to its users that the platform will continue to reduce its monthly fees in Latin American countries and other regions. According to the news from Xataka, the company said in a statement that they are aware of this. “Your subscribers have more entertainment options than ever before”indirect reference to Disney+, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video, among others.

Netflix official description

Netflix official statement about the price cut in Latin America

One of the main criticisms of Netflix users who decided to cancel their subscriptions is precisely more attractive prices from other streaming platforms.

Netflix’s new primary geolocation policy came as the platform lost more than 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 for the first time in ten years. bulk unsubscribe at the international level. It’s probably a strategy they should have considered sooner.

New price rates in Latin America


Netflix cuts tariff prices

Price drop will affect Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic.

Basic plan costs $7.99 in Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Venezuela $3.99 the standard plan starts at $10.99 $5.99 and the premium plan dropped from $13.99 to: $7.99.

In Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador, it lowered the basic plan prices from $7.99 to $7.99. $4.99The standard plan drops the price from $10.99 to: $7.99 and the cost of the premium plan is now $10.99 lowers its original price by $13.99.

Finally, the price of the basic plan in Panama has been reduced from $8.99 to: $4.99. The standard plan has dropped from $12.99 to: $8.99 and premium plan their prices from $15.99 $12.99.

We add below official price list Following the decline in Netflix subscription plans in Latin America.

Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Venezuela

  • Basic plan: $3.99
  • Standard Plan: $5.99
  • Premium plan: $7.99

Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic

  • Basic plan: $4.99
  • Standard Plan: $7.99
  • Premium plan: $10.99


  • Basic plan: $4.99
  • Standard Plan: $8.99
  • Premium plan: $12.99

Netflix price reduction in Europe has also reached some Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia. The basic plan price dropped from 7.99 euros to 4.99 euros, and the standard plan dropped from 9.99 euros to 7.99 euros. As for the premium plan, it now costs 9.99 euros and 11.99 euros.

Netflix may lower prices in Spain too


Netflix app on iPhone

Now we’ll have to wait to see if the Netflix price cut also affects Spain. Everything seems to say yes, as they stopped sharing passwords outside of the home location, including Canada and the first Latin American countries to get the “new Netflix policy.” They’ve already seen how prices drop.

Let’s hope Netflix doesn’t lower the price of just the “Extra Members” feature – allows sharing of passwords in secondary locations – and price reductions in Spain are available on all plans. No matter, we will keep you informed about it. In an ideal world, the streaming company’s job would be to stand out, apologize, cancel its policy, and offer a price cut as compensation to its users.

Source: i Padizate

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