Netflix debacle in Spain: lost 1 million users after banning account sharing

Netflix’s historic decline in Spain, which lost one million users after shared accounts were banned.

Netflix crashed in Spain due to new shared account policy

The new Netflix policy, which prohibits the use of shared accounts, has not been good for the company in our country. According to a Kantar study, Netflix loses 1 million users in Spain after password sharing ban. It is clear that users are not good at all.

As Kantar reports, Netflix has lost more than a million users in Spain since it introduced its new policy at the beginning of February.They estimate that two-thirds of those million users are users who share a password with someone else.

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Netflix lost a million users in just a few months in Spain

Netflix fell in just two months in Spain

this is true most lost users didn’t pay or co-pay, but still this can be dangerous. At least, that’s the view of Dominic Sunnebo, global information manager for Kantar’s Worldpanel Division. As he comments, the loss of a million users, even if the majority are not paying subscribers, A blow to Netflix in terms of advice and word of mouth for your content.

And maybe that’s not the worst. According to Kantar’s research, Netflix subscription cancellations tripled in the first quarter compared to the previous period. And of all Netflix subscribers remaining in Spain, one in ten said they plan to unsubscribe in the second trimester.


Netflix isn’t having its best moment

Netflix introduced € 5.99 monthly fee to add additional users to an account and so he will be able to share the account, but that doesn’t seem to have convinced Spain. Despite the heavy investments it has made in our country in recent years, the company lost many users in just a few months.

In the first three months of 2023, Two of the five most-watched TV shows in Spain were available on Netflix, according to Kantar. And it should be noted that the company opened its first European production center in Madrid in 2019, a plant doubling in size by the end of 2022.

But Netflix seems to be keeping its cool for now. they assure that New cheaper plan with control over shared sales and ads will accelerate platform growth in the second half of 2023. Although the company did not meet new subscriber expectations in the first quarter, it did not voice its concerns.

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