Even though Apple doesn’t support watchOS 9, it still sells one of the most popular Apple Watches!

Users still in mind Buy Apple Watch Series 3 You should think about this at least a few times, because in a few months it will be incompatible with watchOS 9. The company still it for just $199 on its website.

Therefore be incomprehensible And it is a great wonder that the aluminum model of the Apple Watch Series 3 is still ordering from the Apple Store.

Buying is a personal decision

Curious: Apple continues to sell the Apple Watch Series 3, even though it's not compatible with watchOS 9

Apple Watch Series 3 is not compatible with watchOS 9

Remarkably, this model is one of Apple’s most popular watches, thanks to the modest premium price of the lower mid-range Apple Watch SE and Series 7. Series 3 is the only option in the Apple Store that is not supported by the software more up to date.

Therefore clock decision about to enter old age, After its launch in September 2017works under the individual responsibility of each user, as it is officially informed.

For nearly five years, users of the oldest Watch still available have suffered from a lack of storage space to upgrade their watch, but the company has made it easy to restore and then upgrade the Apple Watch.

Actually, The Californian company doesn’t need to stop the clock right now and the issue is automatically passed on to Apple Watch Series 3 purchasers from now until the anticipated release of software updates, shown at the last WWDC.

believed to be Apple will introduce Series 8, SE 2 and an extreme sports trial this yearHere are three pieces of news that help confirm that the firm will discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3.

Despite the announcements, if there are still those who think about wearing it Apple Watch Series 3 on your wrists, they should be so clear Will not support features of newer watches running watchOS 9between them more data while exercising, a new drug app, new watch faces and others.

In theory and if valid, Apple Watch Series 3 needs to be reset and restored every time the operating system is updatedresults in a complex maze for users leading to possible data loss.

Source: i Padizate

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