A free Apple Watch for exercise is this insurance company’s foolproof plan

This insurer had a great idea: He’ll give you an Apple Watch if you exercise every day.

If you exercise every day you’ll get a free Apple Watch

Apple Watch has proven countless times that it is a device that can detect serious diseases in advance. Saving literally hundreds of users’ lives or at least prevented a serious illness from affecting them. This is something insurers know and want to take advantage of.

It should also be taken into consideration Apple Watch is a device that can measure our exercise with very high precision.. And the person who exercises is a healthier person. So an insurance company came up with an interesting idea: Apple Watch Ultra or Apple Watch Series 9 almost free if they exercise.

User with Apple Watch Ultra on wrist

Get a free Apple Watch if you exercise

Get a free Apple Watch if you exercise

Through the Vitality program, John Hancock Life Insurance Company Provides customers with the opportunity to purchase life insurance Earn “points” as a reward for regular exercise. These points can be used as follows: discount on monthly payment for a new Apple Watch.

The insurer policyholders an Apple Watch for a monthly fee. New Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 available Starting from $15.50 per month. However, if you get points, you can pay $0 per month. If you get 240 points you will only pay $12.25 per month, while 360 ​​points will only pay 7 and If you reach 500 points you pay nothing For Apple Watch.

To manage scores, the insurer designed two types of training: standard and advanced. Each a range of daily rewards in the form of points.

Completing a “standard” workout earns you 20 points per day. This is what constitutes standard education in John Hancock’s eyes:

  • Number of steps: 10,000
  • Active Calories: Threshold based on Health app data
  • Heart rate: 60% of maximum heart rate for 30 minutes.
  • Completing an “advanced tutorial” gives you 30 points per day:
  • Number of steps: 15,000
  • Active calories: Threshold based on Health app data
  • Heart rate: 60% of maximum heart rate for 45 minutes

It’s true that we would have to do a lot of exercise almost every day to get the free Apple Watch. But it is definitely a very good option for all customers of this insurance company. It will be open to transportation and interaction Get a completely free Apple Watch just for exercisingIt is something that will be very useful in their daily lives.

Source: i Padizate

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