Apple Watch is the ideal watch if you play golf

Apple Watch could be the ideal companion for golfers looking for a renewed gaming experience

Users of all skill levels can benefit from the high-frequency gestures API in watchOS 10

Cupertinos stand out Apple Watch as a versatile device for golfers who want to “stay connected, active and fit with great apps” visualizing data about where they train and play, as well as providing “tools and tricks to improve your game.” Here’s the secret. Gestures API available in watchOS 10Using the smartwatch with accelerometers and gyroscopes that detect changes and variations in speed and acceleration.

If you’re a golfer, Apple recommends having an Apple Watch

Apple’s smart watch The Training application stands out with its various sports and physical activities. In order to obtain the best measurements for each user. He goes further in sports, especially golf. He underlines that thanks to this motion API, applications such as Golfshot benefit from the advantage of creating “new experiences”.

A new experience called Swing ID On-Range has been launched which provides Pinpoint the exact moment the golf club hits the ball. The Apple Watch’s sensors also analyze the type of swing the golfer is hitting from start to finish. Valuable data such as backspin, wrist movement, and cadence can be obtained to improve your technique, as well as other key measurements.

Golfshot App

Golfshot’s new Swing ID On-Range experience

iPhone complements this experience because it can be used to view advanced statistics previously collected by Apple Watch. You can view completed rounds and see data that allows you to improve subsequent golf sessions. Alex Flores, the application’s growth manager, states that Golfshot’s new features are possible thanks to the Apple Watch and its advanced machine learning system. “They give them personalized, real-time data on the same device.”

What other golf apps leverage the power of Apple Watch?

According to Apple, Golfshot is just one of many apps that take advantage of Apple Watch technology. We also recommended some apps to track your golf sessions. For example, Arccos, the official app of the PGA Tour, provides tracking of your every shot and precise distances adjusted in real time.

User playing golf with Apple Watch

Apple Watch as the ideal device for golfers

Another application that allows visualization of hole patterns, distances and heat maps is GolfLogix. If you’re looking for a free alternative, TheGrint allows you to track your stats without spending an additional euro.

Cupertino residents did not miss the opportunity to make a small promotion for Apple Watch Ultra 2 in their press release. Featuring Apple’s brightest display ever Provides ideal viewing no matter how much sun we have on the golf course. If you don’t want any third-party apps, Apple has golf activity tracking with its Training app.

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