This gorgeous Apple Watch Series X concept even has a camera for FaceTime

This concept is the most daring concept of Apple Watch

FaceTime in Apple Watch concept

This The Apple Watch concept is the most futuristic and daring concept we will ever see again. On the occasion of the next anniversary of the Apple Watch, which will be 10 years old, There are many doubts about what the final appearance of the device will be like.. It may be called Apple Watch X, although it is not fully confirmed. Design agency Wordsmatter took on the task. designer Lukas GehrerTo create Concept and mockups of a possible Apple Watch Based on rumors, patents and news about the launch of Apple’s smartwatch. The most curious detail is the presence of the FaceTime camera..

Concept Apple Watch that has been in the works for more than 3 months based on rumors

This German render of the Apple Watch According to the statements made to 9to5Mac, Detailed concept completed in just over 3 months. this concept It looks very similar to the current Apple Watch Ultrabut this is thinner with curved edges rather than completely flat.

One of the images shows what an Apple Watch made entirely of dark titanium would look like.. If Apple dares to develop and launch a product with these features, There is no doubt that it will be one of the most beautiful watches in the world.. On the contrary, the FaceTime camera makes no sense because, thanks to business and technology, it is made through voice calls or the Walkie-Talkie function.

Full-screen Apple Watch made of titanium

Apple Watch X concept from Wordsmattr

Is it worth having a camera on the Apple Watch? This space can be used for more batteries on device and get a little closer to what the Ultra version has to offer. Aesthetically very appealing, the titanium will truly make it a highlight for everyone to see.

What is known so far about Apple Watch

According to Bloomberg via Mark Gurman, one of the biggest updates to the Apple Watch will be the tenth version of Apple’s smartwatch. The design was initially proposed to be thinner, and what will change completely will be a new magnetic strap system.which would make each of the previously released belts incompatible.

There is a risk that the launch will be delayed precisely because of the new design, meaning it won’t be seen until 2025.. Is it worth waiting or buying now if Apple doesn’t launch the Apple Watch?

You can see Touch ID in the digital crown in the concept of the German agencyThis wouldn’t make much sense either, considering that the Apple Watch locks when the user takes off the watch. It will only eliminate numeric code and won’t see much potential for use.

Apple Watch sensor in band

Sensor built into Apple Watch band

The way the blood pressure sensor fits is quite intriguing as it is implemented directly on the strap. Apple faces the challenge of transforming its straps from simple accessories into resources for taking more and better measurements, as Wordsmattr shows.

Source: i Padizate

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