This cyclist claims Apple Watch ‘saved his life’

Apple Watch is always with its users!

By Gabriela Martínez on Apple Watch

The contribution of Apple devices to the safety and health of users is one of the goals that the company continues to score. There are numerous testimonies confirming this statement, many of them as an introduction to the opening of the recently held “Far Out” event, and the stories keep coming.

Thus, recently, 23-year-old Californian survivor of an unfortunate bicycle accident, Ryan McConnaughey, was one of the latest to share how the Apple Watch saved his life in an episode he thought he couldn’t get over.

First choice in any emergency

This biker Apple Watch

Thanks to the Apple Watch, a cyclist was able to contact emergency services in the middle of an accident.

According to McConnaughey, what would a typical bike ride be like in one of California’s Spring Valley mountains? accident it flew over the handlebars and crashed headlong into the ground. paraplegic.

According to his statement, it was learned that he did not feel much pain when he fell off the bike, but could not move from his neck down. anxious to ask for help and With his iPhone not near him, Ryan turned to his Apple Watch and called emergency services with the “Hey Siri” command.. Also, feeling the seriousness of the accident, he contacted his girlfriend to say goodbye.

However, his action was timely and the recovery was successful. Now, McConnaughey was hospitalized and after several surgeries they managed to save his life, but he was diagnosed with quadriplegic.. He is currently recovering from the accident and has organized actions to finance other surgeries needed as per his condition.

Thanks to its increasingly sensitive sensors, the Apple Watch has become an essential device in the lives of many users, which it helps preventively after warning of some symptoms of health problems or helping to contact emergency services when the pain subsides. or accidents. With its latest update, Apple has included the car crash detection sensor to further expand its support for users in almost every situation.

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