It is possible to use the Apple Watch underwater by enabling this function.

A professional swimmer bought an Apple Watch Ultra to get a better swimming experience, but found a better way to interact with the device while underwater.

By Mauricio Martinez on Apple Watch

Apple Watch a a great device for different physical activities and exercise. It has different measurement functions according to the same activities, and its precision is quite accurate. What happens when we swim with it? It has a lock mode to prevent accidental touches to the screen and to help drain water from the speakers. What if we need to use another function? A swimmer discovered a handy way to control Apple Watch beyond limitations while swimming.

AssistiveTouch, a more convenient way to use Apple Watch underwater

Thanks to professional swimmer Rafael Zeier 9to5Mac has managed to publish the following information. this bought an Apple Watch Ultra to improve his experience Under these conditions.

The action button, which allows you to start the tutorial or activate any other function of interest, is useful but not sufficient. While it is true that the new depth application can be before and after a swimmer is active, checking the clock for other types of actions is complicated, practically impossible.

Using Apple Watch with AssistiveTouch

Interact with Apple Watch underwater with AssistiveTouch

Raphael Reminded AssistiveTouch function Introduced in watchOS 8 and here’s how Turn the watch on so you can use it with gestures underwater through hands. The experience has improved significantly. works as in said water. He shared his experience in this YouTube video.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra the best watch for swimming?

For users who are beginner, advanced or professional swimmers, Apple Watch Ultra increases water resistance from 50 meters to 100 meters. The sensors it integrates improve the measurement of data on the depth and temperature of the water. An intriguing detail is that Oceanic+ dive computer functionality is currently not available.

Apple Watch Ultra

Athlete diving into the depths of the ocean with Apple Watch Ultra on his wrist

We expect Apple to release a new watchOS version that complements this experience by the end of 2022. Does AssistiveTouch complement the underwater experience with the watch? There is no doubt that they are functions created to help other users who have accessibility problems and cannot use the watch.

We know that Apple is working down to the last detail. and together Assistive touchfor both iPhone and other devices, Being able to interact with devices was very helpful regardless of the users’ physical or mental state.

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Source: i Padizate

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