Next Monday (24th), Brazilian iPhone users will be able to use Apple Fitness+. The smartphone tool has reached Brazil and 20 other countries, including people who don’t own an Apple Watch to track physical activity.

The service has been integrated into the mobile Fitness app in the iOS 16.1 update. It will be located in the middle tab of the program. Among the various functions there is also one. New workouts with music by singer Taylor Swift.

it should be more 3000 exercises and meditations studio style with a diverse and inclusive team of instructors. In addition to the instructors’ on-screen instructions from the iPhone, users will be able to see their estimated calories burned in the Movement ring and a progress bar.

Even if you only need a phone to subscribe to Fitness+, you can continue to use the service on iPad and Apple TV. The company’s new workout tool can also be streamed to compatible third-party devices via AirPlay.

“We built Fitness+ to be the most inclusive and welcoming fitness service in the world, and the response from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. We wanted the incredible impact of Fitness+ to reach iPhone users” said Jay Blahnik, vice president of fitness technologies.

Source: Tec Mundo

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