How to extend Apple Watch Ultra’s battery up to 60 hours

This smartwatch model has a large battery capacity.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on Apple Watch

The all-new Apple Watch Ultra is the most powerful smartwatch ever. Not only in the performance level, but also in other aspects related to its technical characteristics, for example, autonomy. And one of Apple’s Ultra watches drum Perfect.

The battery capacity of the Apple Watch Ultra is brutal, 76% larger than the battery of the Apple Watch Series 8. 542mAh It allows users to extend battery life to the maximum. 60 hourshowever, for this you need to configure certain settings.

In this tutorial we will show you How to extend Apple Watch Ultra’s battery up to 60 hours of autonomy with a very simple process.

Autonomy of Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

A bigger, more powerful and brighter screen

At the special launch event of the Apple Watch Ultra, the signature of the bitten apple logo highlighted the battery as one of the most important innovations of the premium smartwatch.

They ensured that their autonomy was capable of reaching the total number. 36 hours with daily use.

What they do not comment on is that this period may be extended even more…

How to increase battery life of Apple Watch Ultra

Your Apple Watch Ultra battery 60 hours on a single charge, you must follow a series of steps in the configuration of the smartwatch. That way, you’ll have what Apple calls a “multi-day battery life adventure.”

Note that the Apple Watch Ultra now has a battery extension of the low consumption mode thanks to the watchOS 9 software, but this is not the only setting we need to configure to extend the autonomy of the brand new and durable smartwatch from the Apple Watch Ultra. Cupertino firm.

To extend the battery life of your Apple Watch Ultra, follow these steps:

one. Open the Settings app on the Apple Watch Ultra.

two. Enter the “Train” section.

3. Turn on low power mode.

apple watch

It is possible to activate the low consumption mode from the Training and Battery sections in the Settings section.

Four. Finally, turn on the feature under Low Power Mode to get fewer GPS and heart rate measurements.

Important: Before you start following the instructions in the tutorial, make sure your Apple Watch Ultra is running the latest software version available, in this case watchOS 9.1, because your watch has even more battery life.

To update to the latest watchOS operating system software, go to the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to: General > Software update.

Finally, it is interesting to note that these settings can also be activated from the Apple Watch Series 8 model, but the autonomy will not reach 60 hours, as in the Apple Watch Ultra.

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