Modern Warfare 2 It officially debuted last Friday, October 28th – in addition to Early Access to the Reservist Campaign – and has been all the rage. To the point that it became the best release ever Call of Dutyharvest over $800 million in sales on the first weekend.

To put the brutal figure into context, Activision Blizzard indicated that its collection of new shooter far surpassed any global film premiere in 2022. For example, he mentioned that Modern Warfare 2 brought in more money than the box office Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness D Top Shooter: Maverick combined.

But new Call of Duty not only did it break the previous franchise record for money, but it did so in less time. Before arrival MVIIaward for the best launch of the saga was in the hands Modern Warfare 3the last part of the series Modern Warfare original released in 2011.

At the time, the aforementioned game made $775 million worldwide in its first five days. In the case of the 2022 version Modern Warfare 2exceeded $800 million in just three days; and all indications are that the figure will continue to rise.

Modern Warfare 2 boasts the best launch of the saga Call of Duty

Results obtained Modern Warfare 2 after their first available weekend, they are not too surprising. The game became one of the most anticipated of the year and did not disappoint the fans. At least when it comes to the campaign.

Although new Call of Duty that its main story is short, which is already characteristic of the franchise, the rest were pure praise. From the plot and gameplay, to the graphic part and acting work. In fact, the missions set in Mexico have received particular acclaim for their visual quality and the excellent work of the voice actors.

The situation is different with multiplayer Modern Warfare 2, which was at the time of criticism. Not only because of the design of his maps, but also because of the development of weapons, the low quality of his GUI and his performance, mistakes. And while many of these issues are sure to be resolved with updates, users have been quick to express their dissatisfaction on social media.

Among other things, Activision Blizzard noted that, despite the great debut of their latest Call of DutyUntil the end of 2022, there is still a lot to learn. Especially with launch warzone 2.0whose debut is planned next November 16. “This is an incredible time for the franchise,” manager Joanna Faries said.

But Modern Warfare 2’s huge debut also broke records outside of the franchise. Yesterday Sony confirmed What is it the most successful launch in the history of the PlayStation Store, accounting for bookings and sales on the first day. No wonder the Japanese are so wary of buying Microsoft Activision Blizzard.

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