These car thieves got arrested thanks to some AirPods

AirPods also go for something no one could have dreamed of!

By Gabriela Martínez on AirPods

Apple’s famous AirPods are undoubtedly the most famous wireless earbuds in the world. And although they have many qualifications to carry that title, they have recently stepped forward for another functionality that has nothing to do with design or sound quality. According to a user’s statement, Thanks to AirPods, the thieves of his car were arrested.

It all started a few weeks ago when a man identified as Mike McCormack left his car with the keys inside, and quickly went to get a bottle of water he had forgotten at his house. Those few minutes were enough for the two criminals to take advantage of their carelessness and get into the vehicle.

A man saves his car thanks to AirPods

These car thieves got arrested thanks to some AirPods

A man recovers his stolen car thanks to the Search app and AirPods

According to information shared from Apple Insider, McCormack contacted New Hampshire officials in the USA upon realizing the truth. However, another action will be decisive in resolving the case.

I got out of the gym with my girlfriend and decided to check out the Find app on my iPhone and my AirPods just showed up and they said they found a location on East Road in Weare, New Hampshire, and I said let’s go find it. them right now.

When he got the news, the police came out to save the car got stuck and the contents ran into the forest to escapeas confirmed by videos recorded by security cameras close to the venue.

Eventually, Concord residents Frederick Estes and Anna Heine were arrested and faced various charges for their involvement. In addition to reminding people to lock their unattended vehicles, Weare Police Department Officer Laura Purslow thanked “helpful citizens” who were able to provide directions to the fleeing suspects and where they were going.

The Find My app on iPhone has been used repeatedly and with considerable success in anti-crime efforts. Especially in recent months, AirTags have become an ally of the authorities in the recovery of stolen goods.

In June, an AirTag helped a car owner recover his vehicle in Memphis, USA, while in February, the Search app was used to locate a kidnapped maid of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

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