Hints of an intriguing “Apple Watch Series X” and a third-generation Apple Watch SE

Recent rumors suggest that Apple is looking to launch new Apple Watch models with larger screens.

They confirm the Apple Watch with micro LEDs is delayed to 2025

Apple Watch Series X will launch in 2024, according to Omdia

They say that when the sound of the river comes, it carries water; and the waters washing the curtain of the screen apple watch they make a lot of noise. We’ve been getting all kinds of rumors floating around the internet about the adoption of micro LED displays in the Apple Watch for a few months now, and now a new source is suggesting that two new models of the smartwatch will feature a much larger display.

we are talking specifically Apple Watch Series X And Third generation Apple Watch SE. According to the information shared by David Hsieh from technology research firm Omdia, these two smart watches will be released in 2024.

Apple Watch Series X will have between 5% and 10% larger screen

In the Omdia company publication, David Hsieh confirmed: the new Apple Watch Series X will be released in 2024 and there will be several versions with screens 1.89 inches And 2.04 inch. This will increase screen sizes by 5% to 10% compared to previous generation smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 8 models.

The “Apple Watch Series X” terminology would be inspired by the launch of the iPhone X, named after the smartphone’s 10th anniversary. But in this case, the nomenclature will be based on the 10th generation of the Apple Watch. The original model of Apple’s smartwatch was released in April 2015.

Finally, regarding the 3rd generation Apple Watch SE, according to rumors, its size will be as follows: 41mm. and 45mm. and will adopt the same screen size as the Apple Watch Series 8.

our opinion

Seems like appropriate, extremely relevant information. It is important to be skeptical of such rumors and carefully analyze all available data.

In principle, it makes sense for Apple to increase the screen size of the next generation of Apple Watch devices. However It’s impossible to predict what the “Apple Watch Series X” will be called two years before its launch.. Whether Apple will decide to use the same strategy with the iPhone X will be an undecided issue at this point.

And most importantly, this rumor stems from a previous rumor suggesting that Apple will skip the Apple Watch Series 9 to launch the Apple Watch Series X, as it did with the iPhone X. launch will take place this 2023 and not in 2024. Regardless, we can’t wait to find out what Apple has in store for us this year, and we’ll be here to tell you.

Source: i Padizate

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