Apple Watch crash detection helps rescue three stranded passengers

The functionality of the Apple smartwatch led the recovery team to the location of the accident.

Had Apple and Rolex collaborated, they could launch an Apple Watch like this.
Crash detection is one of the many Apple Watch actions that could save your life.

Apple introduced the function known as crash detection in the new iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra series. This innovation, as the name suggests, means that a user has had a traffic accident and alert the emergency services automatically.

Although it is very new to market, the accident detection function already saved a few lives. Going no further, he was able to locate it thanks to accident detection, which alerted his wife as an emergency contact after a man had a serious car accident a few months ago. Now the feature has done it again and has helped a recovery team Track down three people involved in a sad car accident in Germany.

Passengers were stuck in the vehicle about 20 meters from the road.

According to the news of the German newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung, the traffic accident occurred on Monday morning. According to the information received, the vehicle was moving towards the highway. when you go right down a grassy hill it will then be launched over the side barrier.

The three passengers were “partially trapped” in the body of the vehicle, about 20 meters from the road. It’s also a place not visible from the road. there were no witnesses to the accident. Therefore, it was unlikely that anyone would call the emergency services. Fortunately, one of the passengers had an Apple Watch Series 8, whose crash detection is enabled and called through the SOS emergency function.

rescue team has arrived exact location of car accident Apple managed to save three passengers thanks to the smart watch. The driver was not seriously injured, while the other two passengers were reportedly “seriously injured”. All three were taken to nearby hospitals. and they are stable. Emergency crews found a vehicle about 20 meters from the road, in the bushes, in an area not visible from the road. It can be said that the Apple Watch Series 8 luckily saved the lives of these three passengers in Germany.

Source: i Padizate

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