10 reasons to buy an Apple Watch if you have an iPhone

Thinking of getting an Apple Watch? Don’t think twice, here we convince you with 10 reasons to buy it if you have an iPhone.

The Apple Watch is as customizable as you want it to be.

iPhone is an ideal technological companion, especially for anyone who loves technology. can improve all its features throughout his life. we know that Ideal for content creatorsnetwork broadcasts, a more professional mode even for filmmakers for the perfect camcorder. Best of all, in addition to the iPhone, Another complement can be added that can be an extension of your iPhone. We are referring to the Apple Watch. Although there are different models, We’ve rounded up 10 reasons why we think you should buy it if you have an iPhone..

1. Taking care of your health with different measures

Apple redefined the concept of health with the Apple Watch. It has made it an almost indispensable accessory for tracking some important metrics of our body.. It did it from the first generation with the heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch transformed it with the advent of EKG in Series 6. He also wants to go a step further and has done so by measuring blood oxygen levels.

Temperature sensors are included in the latest generation Series 8 to contribute to better monitoring of the menstrual cycle.. The simplest yet important, constant reminders to walk, breathe and focus for a few minutes. We have seen these functions for several years and We think it might be the first big reason to buy a new Apple Watch..

apple watch heart rate

Apple Watch is an excellent heart rate monitor

2. It is a great device to help you in an emergency.

One of the important innovations of recent generations is fall detection. in an atypical situation you may crash however, in the unfortunate event that you were not conscious, Apple Watch can instantly call contacts and emergency services.

One of the features also available on iPhone is emergency SOS. It’s very important that you don’t have your iPhone with you, but you can still call contacts and emergency services.

SOS Emergency Apple Watch

Calling emergencies can be faster than Apple Watch

3. To listen to content between music, podcast and audiobook

The Apple Watch is an amazing device as well as taking care of your health. can entertain you with different types of content. One of them is through Music and Podcasts. Download them so they are offline and have them whenever you want. It remains to connect some AirPods or any model of Bluetooth headphones.

4. Secret alarm you’ll appreciate in the morning

An extra addition worth mentioning is the use of alarms. While it’s true that the Apple Watch is a watch and of course does more than just give the time, wake up without disturbing anyone around you. That’s incredible Because it is thin, the vibration it emits And no one will notice you’re awake. If you’re a morning person, you’ll appreciate it.

5. Motivates you to do not only simple but complex exercises

In addition to taking care of your health with its different features, Apple Watch is the perfect workout tracker. Education application is one of the most complete applications, it is native and They have different activities from walking to recording a swimming session.. Apple’s smartwatch is so versatile that you can also see other apps to record your activity, here are the best swimming apps.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged smartwatch Apple has ever produced.

Distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned, and other metrics are recorded while using the Training app. Depending on the event, you can set goals.. Due to its water and dust resistance, it is perfect for more extreme activities such as surfing and diving.

6. A support device for paying and storing tickets

Contactless payments via Apple Pay are great on the iPhone. With the Apple Watch, you can do exactly the same by holding it close to the reader and pay right away.. You can also have all kinds of tickets and use them to enter different public transport.

7. Anything that reaches your iPhone will first go through the watch via alerts

This reason is one of the most important and will probably convince you to buy an Apple Watch. iPhone is a smart mobile phone with which you can send and receive messages. or make any call. Imagine being able to do exactly the same with a smartwatch.

watch apple

The Apple Watch SE is an excellent inexpensive premium smartwatch

If for some reason you can’t get your iPhone out of your pocket or it’s too far away, you can receive notification alerts and reply instantly. You can answer or make calls, the same is possible on models with a cellular network or Apple Watch Ultra without iPhone coverage.

8. You can also unlock your iPhone.

If you’re wearing a mask and want to unlock your iPhone with Face ID, you can speed up the process with Apple Watch. Just configure it in Face ID options and you can activate the key to unlock your device with Apple smart watch.

9. Helps you save battery on iPhone

This reason is proportionally linked to article 7 of the warnings. Instead of looking at the iPhone to see the time or notifications, you can use your Apple Watch and avoid draining the iPhone battery. In the blink of an eye. Note that consumption of the always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro can reduce battery life by 20% for 24 hours.

10. Excellent support in camera and multimedia control

Finally, this reason is one of my favorites and when I discovered it, I really felt that the smartwatch works for everything. watchOS has the Camera app, you can use the watch as a shutter when you open it. iPhone camera remote.

Use Apple Watch as screen to view camera

Use Apple Watch as screen to view camera

From the camera, you’ll be able to see thumbnails of what your iPhone sees, turn the flash on or off, switch between the front and front cameras, take photos or record videos. If you are playing audio content, a playback control will be automatically activated. You can fast forward, backward, play or pause a song or podcast.

The Apple Watch is a great device with a plethora of features to get you hooked on each one. Without a doubt, this is a good buy if you want to have a better experience with iPhone.. Get the most out of Apple Watch if you’ve already bought it.

Source: i Padizate

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