If watchOS 10 was such a concept, it would revolutionize the Apple Watch

This concept imagines watchOS 10 with Live Events, Widgets for the home screen…

These are the news about watchOS 10 that a graphic designer recommended to us.

It’s been just a few weeks since the release of watchOS 9.4, a new software update that includes new features in the history of the Apple Watch. atrial fibrillationchanges in the system alarms and new features loop tracking. Now, they are already preparing the development of watchOS 10 from Apple.

The watchOS 10 launch will take place during the WWDC 2023 celebration on June 5th, which will allow us to join other OS software news as well. iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17 and macOS 14.

A watchOS 10 concept contains very interesting news

Parker Ortolani, a popular graphic designer who previously shared creations like this concept of iPadOS 17, is back with a great design concept. watchOS 10. According to his vision, the next major software update for the Apple Watch should include: Home screen widgets, Dock improvements and Live Events.

“Here’s a more in-depth look at how it will work… and with apps de-emphasized, the side button can be programmed to work as a contacts shortcut, but redesigned to fit the Digital Crown…”

In this video, we can take a look at what the watchOS 10 UI will look like with its implementation. widgets between app icons on home screen. Without a doubt, it is one of the functions that Apple should implement.

It’s exciting to see what watchOS 10 still has to offer. a large margin for improvement based on the current software version, watchOS 9.4. The introduction of improvements as intriguing as those suggested by this concept of watchOS 10 will completely change the way we use the Apple Watch.

Now we have to wait until June to see if Apple includes similar news in watchOS 10. WWDC 2023. We will provide comprehensive coverage of the event from iPadízate so that you do not miss a single detail of software updates for each operating system.

Source: i Padizate

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