Colonel Jorge Bernal, commander of the Santa Marta Metropolitan Policegave details about the incident. A scuffle broke out at the city’s airport between passengers and staff of Latam airline. due to a pet being denied entry to the aircraft.

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According to Colonel Bernal’s account, the unfortunate event was León Jaime Aguirre Cardona reacted sharply to the request of Latam employees to complete the necessary paperwork to allow your pet to board the plane.

Colonel Bernal stressed: “Police quickly intervened to stop the fighting and ensure the safety of the other passengers.. After the incident, three persons were taken to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, and proceedings were initiated due to injuries.”

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Regarding the injuries received, the officer said that the passenger, León Jaime Aguirre Cardona received a medical report giving him a 14-day disability for injuries sustained during the fight. on his behalf Two employees of LatamYésica Ramírez Paternina and Daniel Granados Barraza got a role that gave them a job.capacity for 4 days each.

Colonel Bernal also emphasized the reason for the quarrel: “The fight broke out because a pet was denied entry to the plane., because the formalities and prerequisites were requested. This has caused inconvenience among passengers who bring their pets with them without the appropriate permission.”

Source: Exame

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