If you are interested in immigrating to another country, Spain may be a good option. Every year this country becomes a center of attraction for those who want to look for a new country of residence.

Actually, 5.42 million people migrated to Spain in the first period of 2022 the majority of people from Morocco and Romania and most from Latin American countries Immigrants came from Colombia.

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Also, this country has been facilitating the process for those who want to immigrate to Spain legally since 2015.

In addition, As compensation for the damage done to the Jews by the expulsion of the Jews in 1492.grant citizenship to people who can prove their surname is of Jewish origin, with less hassle.

As stated by the portal atalar.ioThe most common surnames such as Rodríguez can be found especially in Uruguay, Cuba, Panama and Costa Rica.

However, Colombians with the following surnames, Sephardic Jews will also have easier access to Spanish citizenship. The deadline for these requests has passed, but you can still make requests, with some exceptions.

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To: Abraham, Acevedo, Acosta, Aguado, Aguiar, Aguilar, Alarcón, Alba, Aldana, Alcalá, Alegre, Alfonso, Alfaro, Almeida, Alonso, Álvarez, Amigo, Amado, Amaya, Aranda.

B: Baltasar, Báez, Barral, Barrios, Beato, Benavente, Benítez, Bernal, Bravo, Bueno, Bermejo.

A: Cabrera, Calvo, Camacho, Campo, Cantos, Carrasco, Carrillo, Carvajal, Castellanos.

D: Delgado, Diego, Díez, Díaz, Duque, Domínguez, Durán, Dorado, Duarte.

E: Enrique, Enriquez, Espejo, Esperanza, Espinosa, Escudero, Esteban.

F: Fajardo, Fernández, Ferrer, Ferrero, Figueroa, Flores, Fuentes, Fuertes.

G: Gálvez, García, Gato, Garzón, Gil, Gimeno, Giménez, Gómez, Granado, González, Gutiérrez.

H: Haro, Henriquez, Hernández, Heredia, Holgado, Herrera, Huerta, Hurtado.

I: Ibáñez, Israel, Sol.

J: Jaén, Jiménez, Jimeno, Jorge, Juárez, Julian.

L: Lázaro, Leal, Lara, Larios, Leiva, León, Lima, Linares, Lobato, Lobo, López, Lorca, Lorenzo.

M: Madrid, Madrigal, Macías, Machado, Manuel, Márquez, Marchena, Marcos, Martínez, Marín.

N: Nájera, Navarro, Navas, Nieto, Núñez.

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Or: Ocampo, Ochoa, Olivos, Olmos, Oliva, Ordóñez, Olivares, Orellana, Ortega, Ortiz.

S: Pacheco, Padilla, Palma, Palomino, Pardo, Paredes, Couple, Parra, Paz, Pascual, Pedraza, Peña, Pérez.

Q: Quiros, Burnt.

A: Ramírez, Ramos, Real, Rey, Reina, Ribera, Ricardo, Rivero, Robles, Roca, Rivas, Rodríguez, Ruiz.

S: Salgado, Salinas, Rooms, Salazar, Salcedo, Salvador, Sánchez, Sancho, Serra, Serrano, Sierra, Silva.

T: Talavera, Toledo, Torre, Torres, Wheat.

U: Úbeda, Uría, Urrutia.

V: Valero, Valle, Vara, Varela, Vargas, Vázquez, Vega, Velázquez, Vera, Vergara, Villanueva, Vidal.

Z: Zalazar, Zaragoza, Zúñiga.

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The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the deadline for submission of applications. The process of granting Spanish citizenship to Sephardim of Spanish origin ended on 1 October 2019.

However, with the Circular of the General Directorate of Registry and Notaries dated September 9, 2019, this period has been extended in some cases. “From Monday, August 8, 2022, you will need to follow the new procedure.‘ says the body.

Among the obligations to acquire citizenship, the Spanish government circular “concerning the exceptional circumstances required to obtain Spanish citizenship by naturalization card, such conditions are understood to agree with Sephardi originating from Spain who prove the situation in question and a special relationship. Spain even if they do not have legal residence in our country. with”.

And he added: “For accreditation of the applicant’s Sephardic origin, the certificate issued by the President of the Standing Commission of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain has special, if not exclusive, evidential value. Likewise, the connection with private Spain is carried out in two ways, DELE and CCSE, designed and implemented by the Instituto Cervantes. will require passing the test”.

It goes without saying that the process is difficult, with the aggravating situation that the first period was already closed a few years ago and there are still many backlogs. Only in very special cases can you try to get it. They also require requirements such as proof of ancestry.

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Source: Exame

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