The selfie camera takes video a little better on the Honor 90 Pro. It also has better stabilization and a wider dynamic range compared to the Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus. Oppo does a better job with bright backgrounds, however.

Oppo, which has a natural skin tone in human photos, also highlights many details. At the same time, Honor processes photos a lot, and the skin has almost no detail, much softer textures.

In portrait photos, the Reno 10 Pro Plus performs noticeably better. It has excellent edge detection and realistic color correction, better shadows and textures. It also gives more detail and balanced contrast.

The Oppo also takes much better selfies. In terms of quality, they are really similar to the flagship ones compared to the Honor.

Both smartphones perform well indoors. However, better color correction, better white balance, better contrast, more details about Oppo.

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Oppo also wins in terms of night video shooting. It has less noise, better contrast and resolution.

In night mode, photos are also better on Oppo. At least it gives more details than Honor. It also has less noise and better handling overall.

In daytime shots, Oppo has slightly better exposure and slightly better white balance. Sometimes it also has a wider dynamic range.

The specialist also took several photos with a magnification of 5 times. And again, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus is noticeably better. In terms of quality, these photos are truly flagship.

Oppo has 8 MP ultra wide, Honor has 12 MP. But if you compare them in practice, Oppo’s lens copes better with day and night photos. It has better exposure, wider dynamic range, less noise and balanced shadows.

Both flagship smartphones can record videos at 4K 30fps. Oppo has optical stabilization and it works well. It also has better texture rendering, crisp details, better color reproduction and white balance.

Overall, the performance of the Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus was much better than the performance of the Honor 90 Pro. And Oppo showed itself exactly as a flagship.

Source: Ferra

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