Very senior sources of the Military Forces confirmed to EL TIEMPO minutes ago the news that would set the country in motion: Children who disappeared more than a month ago in the forests of Guaviare and Caquetá have been found alive.

Officials reported to the National Government: “We found them all alive.”

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Currently, military nurses care for underage children and give fluids. Who will transfer to San José del Guaviare?

The minors were found by uniformed police and locals who supported the search, according to sources.

This newspaper found that in case of finding them, the code means “Miracle” for each child found. And this Friday the expected thing happened: “Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle.”

President Gustavo Petro confirmed the news that four children had survived the plane crash in the Guaviare forest on May 1.

“The whole country is happy! 4 children who were lost in the Colombian jungles 40 days ago survived”said Peter.

From the Catam airbase, where he landed after signing the agreement, the president said, “They were alone. They achieved a complete survival example. They will remain in history. Those children are children of peace today and children of Colombia.” The cessation of bilateral fire with the ELN guerrillas this Friday.

The children had been missing since May 1, when the Cessna plane they were traveling on with the three other deceased crashed.

This accident occurred on the border between Guaviare and Caquetá, a dense forest where an entire search operation called ‘Operation Hope’ was conducted, involving more than 120 soldiers from the Army Special Forces Command and 73 natives.

Source: Exame

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