Astons, a company of international experts in residency and citizenship by investment, has published a list on its blog based on its Annual Global Pension Index, the most comprehensive survey of its kind using hundreds of real-life experiences and insights. best countries to retire

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For this reason, The ‘top 10’ includes the 10 most recommended options for those considering retiring abroad. In the words of Astons, “a guide to getting to know the countries that are easiest to retire comfortably”.

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In other words, the list is designed for older adults who are considering going abroad to make the most of their retirement. To select the most “comfortable” options, the list takes into account a number of factors, including weather, cost of living, culture, overall quality of life, and how easy it is to relocate.

Astons says that Ecuador “has affordable living costs that are one of the lowest in the world, with the ability to buy a home on the Pacific coast with stunning views of the Andes.” it also says “It produces plenty of food from the ground with its growing seasons throughout the year, which means prices in local markets are incredibly low”.

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It states, among other things, that Ecuador “offers the Pension Visa to those with a lifetime pension or annual income of at least $800 (dollars) per month.” foreign”.

In this location, Greece stands out with its “sunny location in the Mediterranean, magnificent natural scenery, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and rich history”. Astons also underlines that “retirees can benefit from a lower cost of living and access to quality healthcare compared to other European countries.”

He also states that the Greece Investment Residence Program is “an excellent option for foreign retirees who want to live there easily” because it “offers a number of benefits”: Lowest cost entry into the European Union, residency in just 60-90 days, free access to Greek healthcare and no residency requirements“.

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Astons emphasizes that in addition to its culture, landscape and architecture, France is “known for its excellent healthcare system, with public and private options that ensure retirees have access to quality healthcare when they need it.”

On the other hand, the list includes “retirees” in France. various tax incentives and discounts, including reduced fares for public transport and cultural events” and that country “offers a Pension visa for retirees seeking permanent residency, as well as an Investor visa and an extended stay visa if you want the option to live for up to one year and then renew.”


According to the list, in Italy “retirees can enjoy various tax incentives and rebates, including reductions in property taxes and income taxes for non-Italian retirees.” In addition, that country “has very affordable cost of living compared to other Western European countries, especially in small cities and towns“.

In addition to its landscapes and broad cultural offer, among other points, Astons “Italy offers an Optional Residence Visa, which requires proof of sufficient financial resources to remain unemployed.”

Astons’ list states, “Thailand is a great place to retire, as the festivals and traditional ceremonies provide a festive atmosphere, which means there’s always something to do to rejuvenate, as it’s a lively hub of social events.”

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On the other hand, he points out that Thailand “offers very affordable” and “offers” for retirees, with options for every budget. A comprehensive healthcare system with both public and private hospitals and clinics providing high-quality care at well below the cost of Western countries.“.

Retirees are eligible for a 10-year retirement visa, but only to individuals from certain countries, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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Astons says in its listing: Colombia “is gaining popularity among retirees because of its warm climate, beautiful scenery, and affordable cost of living.” That’s because “retirees can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle that includes delicious food and a rich cultural heritage,” he says.

The list also points out that “the warm welcoming attitude towards foreigners makes Colombia a great place to easily integrate into the local culture.”

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On the other hand, Astons reports that “retirees can also benefit from an excellent health care system with access to subsidized health insurance at reasonable prices” and that “retirees can still live comfortably” despite the rising cost of living in recent years. Small cities like Pereira or Manizales”.

Finally, the list highlights that Colombia “offers a variety of retirement visa options that make it easier for foreign retirees to settle.”

Astons’ listing says about Mexico that it “offers a number of retirement visas that make it easier for foreign retirees to settle there.” It also notes that “the cost of living is relatively low and the weather is warm and sunny year-round” and that Mexico “has an affordable and comprehensive healthcare system with public and private options, modern facilities, and highly trained doctors.” ” .

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In addition to underlining that Mexico is known for its “rich culture and history, delicious cuisine and beautiful beaches”, the Aztec country ” Three main visas recommended for retirees, depending on circumstances and desired length of stayincluding tourist visa, temporary resident visa or permanent resident visa.”

According to Astons, “Costa Rica is another easy-to-retire country famous for its warm and stable climate, making it the perfect place for those seeking a tropical paradise to live in.” one of the happiest countries in the world thanks to its relaxed pace of life, friendly people and strong sense of community“.

The list also assures that “the country’s healthcare system is among the best in the region, and the low cost of living means that retirees can enjoy a high standard of living without going bankrupt.” On the other hand, he points out that “The Costa Rica Pensionado Visa requires an income through social security, services, pension funds or other retirement benefits”.


According to Astons, one of the main benefits of retiring in Panama is “the affordable cost of living that allows retirees to lead a comfortable lifestyle on a modest budget.” He also adds that the country has a tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, lush tropical forests, and a vibrant culture.

On the other hand, the list includes the capital city of Panama City “ a technologically advanced healthcare system with world-class medical facilities and English-speaking doctorshealthcare costs are well below those in the United States.

“Portugal offers the perfect balance between cost and quality of life. The country offers some of the highest living standards in Europe, with low costs and excellent medical care,” says Astons. It’s the fourth year in a row for that country topped the list.

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The list also highlights that “Portugal offers a mild climate, beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, making it a popular destination for retirees” and that “the cost of living is relatively low compared to other European countries and the healthcare system is excellent”. “


Source: Exame

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