A report recently published on the website To inform published exclusive information about war veteran David Grusch. former US intelligence officer who accused a ‘government faction’ of concealing the existence of aliens and spacecraft from the public.

Despite being an almost cinematic issue, American politicians and officials are taking the matter seriously and are planning to conduct an investigation to better understand the case and eventually find out if the story is true.

The article was written by Ralph Blumental and Leslie Keans, the same journalists who wrote a special article exposing the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), created by the US government to understand the UFO phenomenon. Both have written for major US media outlets. New York TimesSo there are those who believe the story is true.

TV channel a few days after the article was published NewsNation He released an exclusive video interview with Australian investigative journalist Ross Coulthart. On this occasion, Grusch provided more details on the complaint regarding the alleged covert military operation keeping the spaceships at military installations.

But are the claims true? After all, is David Grusch the person he says he is? To try to answer these and other questions, Technology World Gathered the most important information about the case.

Who is David Grush?

David Charles Grusch, 36, a veteran and former National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) officer, said he was one of the officers in the reconnaissance office of the unidentified Air Events Task Force between 2019 and 2021. Between the end of 2021 and July 2022, he was co-chairman of a study that analyzed UAPs to see if they were real.


  • UAP stands for Unidentified Abnormal Events; Unidentified anomalous phenomena in Portuguese. Until recently, the abbreviation was Unidentified Weather Phenomena (unidentified weather events), however, it has changed since it is not limited to observations in the sky only. For example, there are several reports of strange events entering and leaving the oceans;
  • UAP, UFO and UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) are different terms used to describe the same phenomenon.

Grusch was the Senior Director of Intelligence Capabilities Integration and was authorized to access files containing “confidential/compartmental confidential information”. “Grusch was a civilian GS-15, the military equivalent of a colonel. He was also the NGA’s senior technical advisor for the analysis of Unidentified Weather Events. In total, he served in intelligence for over 14 years and received numerous awards and decorations for his participation in covert operations.

An official document confirms that in 2021 Grusch reported the case to the US Department of Defense.

According to different media outlets in the United States, Grusch’s information has been verified, and he is indeed a former high-ranking officer of the Armed Forces with access to different classified information. According to Ryan Graves, a former US Navy fighter pilot, Grusch’s allegations should be taken seriously and investigated – Graves was one of the pilots who reported seeing a UFO during a test mission in US airspace.

One last episode of the podcast armeddocumentarian Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp noted that they were the first to be contacted by David Grusch – both known for their research work in the ufological field, Corbell was the director of a documentary on the story of Bob Lazar, including another. UFO informant.

Corbell and Knapp claim they spent more than a year looking for other informants to examine the story, verify the reported information, and ‘confirm’ Grusch’s claims.

What are UFO claims?

According to David, A covert US military operation has been hiding parts and pristine spacecraft salvages for decades.. Supposedly, scientific analysis determined that the vehicles had an “exotic origin” – a non-human intelligence, extraterrestrial or unknown origin. However, he says, since it is a secret and compartmentalized program, no government agency has access to the information and therefore it is a crime against the people of the United States.

according to website To informGrusch handed over the classified files to the Inspector General’s Office of Community Intelligence (ICIG) and the US Congress in April 2023, before making the information public.

In an interview with journalist Ross Coulthart, the veteran stated that the operation also found the bodies of non-human pilots. Supposedly, the first alien craft was found in Italy in the 1940s and was rescued with the help of the Vatican.

“These [programas secretos] If you’re rescuing non-human technical vehicles, call them spaceships if you like, exotic non-human vehicles that landed or crashed. I thought I was totally crazy and at first thought I had been duped, it was a gimmick. People started to trust me. Close to me. Grusch told Coulthart:

In addition to Grusch, To inform claims that other witnesses also confirmed the information, but chose not to disclose it publicly. Karl E. Nell, an army colonel and current director of aerospace, says Grusch’s reputation is “beyond accusation.”

Is the truth there?

Grusch also said that he has informed Congress that some kind of cold war is currently underway; A global competition between different governments to assemble and reverse engineer these so-called spaceships.

In his testimony, Grusch disclosed top-secret information, such as the locations of the ships and the names of senior officers involved in these programs. He even states that the ship salvage operations continue. In any case, the information remains confidential and is being investigated by Congress.

In the above excerpt, an official document states that after revealing the information to the US Department of Defense, Grusch began to face backlash in his work.

Weak points of the complaint

  • Experts and scientists do not believe in the possibility of aliens and disprove Grusch’s story;
  • Grusch’s motivation is still unclear;
  • The most skeptical do not believe that such alarming information will be kept for so long, even if it is partitioned;
  • Some claim that the ex-officer did this to make money. For example, you can publish a book about the story and take advantage of the virality of the topic;
  • Grusch says he has heard reports from other officials and is examining documents, but the problem is that he has had no real contact with the alleged ships or nonhumans.

Strengths of the complaint

  • Grusch could be arrested for lying in an official statement;
  • The 36-year-old ex-officer could lose both his reputation and his career. Those who believe the story say David has nothing to lose, especially if it’s a lie;
  • Grusch is represented by attorney Charles McCullough III, former Inspector General of the US Intelligence Community;
  • Scientists like Garry Nolan and Avi Loeb believe Grusch’s claims may be true.
  • Some in the military, public and non-public believe Grusch’s reputation and say the case deserves further investigation.

According to Corbell and Knapp, Grusch first disclosed the information to the US Department of Defense in 2021, but it was discredited and began to face retaliation in the workplace. She began speaking to Congress in 2022 after feeling threatened – around the same time she started a relationship with Corbell and Knapp. That is, until the former officer retired from his role in intelligence in 2023 and made the reports public in June.

And do you believe what David Grusch told you?

Source: Tec Mundo

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