Beyond her fame and success as a singer, Shakira came to the fore as she has a close relationship with her parents and some siblings. But little is known about their lives as most of them stay away from show business.


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He was born on February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is the youngest of nine siblings. His family recognized his passion and talent for music from an early age and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

According to Faces magazine, Shakira has a total of nine half-siblings, including biological children of her father, William Mebarak, from a previous marriage to Lucila Otero. William and Lucila had a total of 10 children, but the eldest died very young. Shakira is the only daughter of Mebarak from his marriage to Nidia Ripoll.

One of his closest siblings is Tonino.who has been with him since the beginning of his career. Tonino Mebarak is a musician and songwriter and has worked closely with Shakira on the production of some of her albums.

Tonino, José Antonio, Alberto, Edward, Robin and Moisés, Patricia, Lucila and Ana Mebarak are the names of Shakira’s sisters.without naming his older brother, who died in a car accident at the age of 19 when the singer was just two years old.

As stated above, Shakira is the only child from the marriage of her parents, William and Nidia del Carmen.however, in his first marriage, William married Lucila Otero, with whom he had a large family of ten children.

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So, in this case we will be talking about her sisters Patricia Mebarak and Lucila Mebarak. Not to mention Ana Mebarak because little is known about her because she stays out of public life.

According to the newspaper ‘El Universo’, his sister Patricia Mebarak is a teacher dedicated to educating children with disabilities in Valencia, Spain.

Patricia’s stay away from the media and She lives a quiet life with her husband and teenage sons in the Valencian town of Alba, Spain.

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‘¡Hola!’ According to the magazine, Lucila Mebarak lived in Spain for a while and returned to her hometown of Barranquilla before Shakira settled in that country. He is now a neurosurgeon specializing in spinal cord tumors and works in a clinic.

On the other hand, ‘El Mundo’ newspaper, in terms of professional field, Lucila Mebarak has been presenting as a brand new specialist at La Misericordia International Clinic in Barranquilla since the beginning of 2017.

His professionalism earned him recognition as an ‘obscene’ not only in America, but also during his stay in Barcelona and Tenerife, where he came to treat four private clinics.


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