A big scandal broke out in Turkey. Nationalafter losing the final of the first Colombian football tournament of the year with millionaires from the penalty spot

It all started at the 80th minute and until the pick-up time when DT was clearly visible, Paul Author, The players handled the changes.
(Videos: violent clashes between Millonarios and Nacional fans after the final) (Scandal: Paulo Autuori “throws ducks” at “others” because of controversial changes”)

Dorlan Pabon, Danovis Banguero and other football players approached DT to instruct him as he was his goal scorer. Duke of Jefferson He was going out and the players prevented him from changing.

Later, while Jarlan Barrera was going to enter the game to contribute to penalties with Jhon Duque, the players approached Autuori again and told him not to leave the game. Sebastian Gomez.

These decisions have sparked controversy and a lot of confusion, as the exact orders for who goes out and who comes in are not known exactly.

“This confusion you should have asked others was not mine because it was clear what we were going to do. “I can’t speak because I’m not responsible,” he said.

Yes, calm down TIME He contacted the Nacional president, Mauricio Navarro, who spoke about the issue.

“We will analyze what happened; I don’t have the full version yet. For now, my mind is on the Board of Trustees and the future of the team,” Navarro said.

And I add: “The board continues to support the coach’s process. We will analyze what happened and take the necessary measures. This is not over, it should make us stronger.”

(Jarlan Barrera, center of criticism: they even gave him the bucket for missing the penalty)
(Millionaires champion! Star 16 came in pain, then joy)


Source: Exame

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